According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has dropped down to 4.1 percent – the lowest it’s been in nearly 17 years. So, what does this mean for your next marketing executive search and chances to recruit the best talent out there?

The economy has now added jobs for 85 straight months, a record. – The New York Times

So what steps can your business take to ensure that you’re engaging with the A+ executive candidates? And how do you attract marketing leaders who may currently be happy in the positions they’re in?The staggeringly low unemployment rate means well for the economy, but it presents a few challenges for organizations in finding cutting-edge marketing leaders. It’s always been a challenge to recruit exceptional candidates that know how to drive results, and now it’s more prevalent than ever. You simply can’t hire anyone to manage your marketing team and drive ROI. Organizations and HR managers encounter a myriad of challenges when finding top marketing executives – and that’s where the help of a specialized marketing executive search firm is priceless.

Actionable Insights on Hiring a Top Notch Marketing Executive When Demand Is at an All-Time High

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#1. Attract Talent with Transparency

A big element of attracting a top marketing executive is being transparent in your hiring process. Make it easy for applicants and potential candidates to communicate with you and learn about your brand.

Taking extra steps to thoroughly explain your company’s culture from the very beginning of the interviewing process is always a good idea. Additionally, be as open as possible about where your organization currently stands and where you expect it to be with the fulfillment of the key executive role. Marketers, especially experienced marketing leaders, have a substantial impact on the entire organization. Therefore, speak about the types of challenges you face in marketing and beyond to clearly define both, exciting opportunities and challenges of the role.

#2. Hire without Complexities

As marketing executive recruiters, we know the difficulties of a marketing executive search on both, the applicant’s and the recruitment team’s sides. Simplifying the hiring process as much as possible significantly increases your chances of success. It is especially important when attracting passive candidates that are satisfied with their current roles.

Hiring without complexities doesn’t necessarily imply entirely changing or transforming your existing process. It rather signifies the need to move faster by eliminating time between steps to streamline the entire interview experience, especially when working with candidates that are in high demand.

Additionally, invest extra effort into understanding exactly the type of marketing leader you’re looking for and make sure to accurately specify the skills and requirements in the job description. This is a great way to screen for marketing executive talent that possesses the definite skills and experience you want early on. If you are partnering with a marketing executive search firm, ensure that your partner fully understands your needs and has the same passion for marketing that you expect out of your new hire.

#3. Set Your New Marketing Executive up for Success

Just hiring an outstanding marketing executive for your business isn’t enough. Make sure you are equipped to support them through the onboarding process and provide all necessary tools and resources for them to succeed. Help them embrace the culture of your organization as early as possible. The easier the onboarding process, the faster your new marketing executive will become productive and will start producing ROI.

It takes a good deal of knowledge and work to attract, hire, and grow a strong and successful marketing team. By following these core tips and enlisting the help of an experienced marketing executive search firm, you may find the effort to be worth it. Building strong leadership within your marketing team is crucial for the success of your business. Don’t leave it in the hands of someone who isn’t qualified.