So, why should I hire freelancers?

Well, the only way your business will grow is to have more people, doing more work.


You can’t and shouldn’t do everything in your business. Your main objective should is to focus on what you do well and delegate everything else.

But, I want my site and projects done a certain way…

You still have full control, you’re just working smarter. When you hire someone, it’s their job to do whatever it is that you want.

Keep in mind that they are not clones of you nor will they be (or should they be) slaves to your business.

With that being said, there will be an on-boarding process before they will design how you design, develop how you develop, but it’s definitely worth it.

I recommend using a tool called Sweet Process to systematically create the process documents for your Outsourcers to follow. (Not affiliate link)

But, I like being the person that does XYZ…

Just because you know how to do something doesn’t mean you have to…or should be the person doing it. There is no reason that you should fretting over pushing some pixels around or getting things perfected from A to Z.

Again, there are exceptions to every rule and of course there are reasons to continue doing the tasks you are passionate about.

Don’t hire someone or a team of someone’s to do all of the work. The point is to remove the tedious items, so you can focus on the growth areas.

Again, you will still want to devote your time where your expertise is needed the most. For me, that is content marketing, business strategy and SALES.

When do you start outsourcing?

Personally, I would start from DAY 1. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s advice that I heard when I was just starting out and I definitely regret not listening to it sooner.

Do yourself a favor and focus on growing your company.

Other benefits from hiring a freelancer

  • Focus solely on things you like to do.
  • Work on areas that are usually neglected.
  • Eliminate areas where you fall into time-suck situations.
  • Simply…Get more done.

Let’s face it, there are parts of web development that are fun to do and others that are just tedious. By hiring freelancers, I actually lowered costs by allocating my time to key parts of business.

The Takeaway

My closing tip refers back to Part 1, and that is just to have patience.

The patience you’ll need to lead a person and/or a team in doing tasks “your way” is a learning process for both sides.