Today’s modern business climate takes on a different approach when it comes to keeping employees motivated and retaining top talent. As more and more millenials dominate the workplace, the concept on work-life balance has become more important than ever.

What the millenial generation wants in a career isn’t more money. Instead, these individuals desire the freedom to be creative and be provided with learning opportunities. Most of all, they want to be treated as a valuable member of the company they work for.

Forget traditional employee motivation strategies that involve typical incentive plans and yearly reviews. Nowadays, workers are in search for a company culture where they can feel at home and are surrounded with people passionate about what they do.

If you want your business to thrive in the long run, you need to target your culture-building efforts on things that are proven to boost an employee’s well-being and productivity. Below are 3 companies that have done an excellent job at engaging today’s workforce.

SnackNation – Feeding the Team

One of the ways to stay fueled at work is to eat the right kind of snacks. These snacks should be able to provide a healthy dose of nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals – not loaded with sugar that only provide a temporary boost in mood. Remember that a hungry staff is a distracted staff. Moreover, a sugared-up team will be crashing anytime.

The best foods are able to keep your staff members’ brains alert, balanced and focused by providing nutritional support throughout the day.

As a manager or leader, it’s important to provide your team with food that’s naturally sourced and nutritionally sound. According to Sean Kelly of Snack Nation, your team is more likely to be socially aware of food choices and their larger implications. Give them healthy meals or snacks and they’ll thank you for it.

In addition to supporting your team’s health, you need to be a living example of a health-conscious lifestyle. This inspires your team members to make healthy choices. Walk the talk.

Wegmans – Family Matters

Is your company culture a mood-enhancing machine? You’ll be able to boost your employees’ mood by tapping into their brain neurotransmitters that affect their productivity and overall well-being. These brain chemicals are endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of motivation associated with earning a reward. On the other hand, serotonin works by keeping our mood balanced. Lastly, endorphins are our brain chemicals that make us feel good about ourselves.

A remarkable company that takes this to heart is Wegmans Food Markets, an American supermarket chain. The company has been named to Fortune 100’s Best Companies to work for – for 19 years running. They rose to #4 in 2016.

There’s a good reason why this company has built credibility. According to one of Wegmans Food Markets’ employees, the company makes sure to ask how they’re doing. They show their employees that they are cared for by allowing them to engaging in healthy practices like yoga and cooking classes.

Like the Wegmans Food Markets, it’s important to make your employees feel that they’re part of a bigger family. Let them know that your success is their success. When you engage your team at an emotional level, they’ll be able to accomplish more. Happy teams are more productive.

Zappos – Fun and Little Weirdness

A passionate company culture places great value on every team member. If you aim to create this kind of culture, you need to accept and respect the cultural differences of your team members – regardless of their race or gender. The nice lady who comes to water the plants at your office is no different from you.

Zappos is a living example of a passionate company culture. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh famously said in 2011, “Your brand is a lagging indicator of your culture.” The company embraced the Holacracy (self-management) concept a few years back. With holacracy, employees rely on themselves to make decisions instead of reporting to a traditional manager. The idea remains controversial. Nevertheless, Zappos’ commitment to self-managed and empowered employees adds to their unique corporate culture.

Happiness – The secret of every successful company

Being able to take advantage of the things that trigger positive emotions among your employees leads to a successful organizational structure. Engage your team at an authentic human level and you’ll be sure to win every time.