Each year, U.S universities produce countless more marketing majors than the job market can withstand.  This results in rampant unemployment amongst and heightened competitiveness amongst those who are looking for a position in any form of marketing.

However, despite the increased competition, getting an entry-level marketing job can be easier obtained than many believe it to be.  Below, you’ll find a guide to assist in procuring the right position quickly and effectively. If pursued with the right amount of intensity, there is no reason why you should not have a new job in the next 6 weeks.

Diligent work and an intelligent, methodical approach should quickly get you where you want to be.

Continue Learning Marketing Facets

Unfortunately, the majority of marketing majors in the U.S. are taught outdated, unneeded marketing techniques. While employers are looking for web marketing experts, most colleges focus their education around aspects such as branding and product marketing.

Therefore, it’s imperative for the any recent graduate to keep up to date with their learning. Here are some aspects to focus on with brief definitions. Take the time to learn today’s marketing and your worth to prospective hiring managers will significantly increase.

a. Search engine optimization – Search engine optimization has to do with ranking a website highly on Google. This entails updating the website, producing continuous content, obtaining links to the site as well as formatting the corporate site in a manner that is attractive and user-friendly.

b. PPC – PPC is an acronym for pay per click marketing. More or less, these are the advertisements on the top of the page when you Google a particular phrase. In a nutshell, pay per click is bidding on keyword phrases to appear as the top ad in the search results.

c. Content Marketing – Content marketing has to do with formulating content for a website so it remains fresh and updated for the user. Additionally, it could be utilized in order to get published for outside sites which will assist in link building efforts.

Effective content marketing takes significant amounts of writing useful, creative and informative articles for readers. Thus, writing skills have become more and more crucial and desirable when going for a marketing job.

Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter Accordingly

When an employer posts an entry-level marketing job, they receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters. Thus, if you don’t impress them within seconds, your resume gets thrown out.

Due to the heightened competition to get in the door, make sure you highlight the pertinent skills front and center. An interviewer doesn’t care about you being a team player.

Instead, they are more concerned with your ability to deliver the requirements set forth on the job spec. Make sure those variables are front and center.

Interviewing Basics

Due to the heightened competition for entry-level marketing jobs, you are going to have to learn how to interview more effectively and confidently.

Among other things, this involves the following:

a. Analyzing your resume to predict questions that will be asked and continuous practice answering those inquiries. Often, actually writing out the answers will assist significantly in making a positive impression on the hiring manager.

b. Look at the hiring process from the interviewers’ perspective. By using the job description, you should get a feel for the priorities of the firm.

Additionally, make sure you utilize different strategies when interviewing with different people within the organization. An HR representative is going to have different priorities than a marketing manager. Visualize what those individuals want and tailor your answers accordingly.

In the End

Obtaining an entry-level marketing job is highly competitive, yet very possible. Be one of few truly willing to do the work and you’ll fare much better than competing entry-level job seekers.