Resumes, skills, abilities, knowledge, achievements, how, add valueResumes need to show how you add value to an employer – so you are the person they want for the job.

This is a 2-fold process – first that you meet the job requirements (this can be by having done the job duties) and secondly on how you contributed (accomplishments) while doing the job duties.

By adding both achievements and skills, you make your resume more useful.

When you are writing about your achievements and skills—about the value you brought to former employers—make sure you include information about how you accomplished what you accomplished.

Consider these two statements for a sales resume:

(a) Increased sales 7%.

(b) Increased sales 7% by introducing new synthetic paper product through partnership with a new supplier.

Or consider these two statements for a social worker resume:

(a) Supervise 4 family advocates and 20 foster parents.

(b) Supervise 4 family advocates and 20 foster parents by providing mentoring, leadership and guidance to improve productivity and create a high performance team.

In each case, statement (b) describes how the achievement or skill was brought into play. The “how” also shows off your soft skills, such as the ability to partner or mentor, and turns a common job responsibility into a special value.

You also may want to consider adding keywords to your accomplishments. Consider these statements:

(a) Prepared 20 letters per week.

(b) Prepared 20 letters per week which successfully solicited 10 new clients per week by expertly crafting grammatically-correct documents while using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word may be considered a keyword – and by putting it into the resume this way you have shown how you have used a skill to get a great result.

How are you creating obvious value with your resume? And how do write a great accomplishment statement?

Thanks toolstop for the photo via Flickr