The winter is coming, the nights are drawing in, and those based in the UK may want start to look at the opportunities to work abroad.  However, it can be hard to leave the UK, especially for those in London as it is such an exciting city. But if you really want to move abroad, digital happens worldwide.  Here are a few options:


New York City and Seattle are where some of the well-known search companies such as Distilled and SEOmoz offices are based. There are many events taking place in the US including SES, PubCon and Mozcon.  Distilled also run Search Love in Boston every year as well as one in London. The United States is one of the biggest search markets in the world.  There are many opportunities in the States and some companies are also offering sponsorship packages.

New York Bull


Many people have witnessed the speed of growth of Dubai.  It is home to many different industries, including digital.  Mindshare, owned by GroupM is a media agency and have an office in Dubai. There are many other smaller and independent agencies, for example Sekari, is a Dubai owned company who specialize in Social, PPC and SEO.


Those in digital head over to Sydney first and also Melbourne.  Digital is focused on the east coast of Australia. However, Perth in WA, is growing.  There are many digital agencies such as White Chalk Road, Sumo and Bang Online. However, they are on a much smaller scale than on the east coast. That is not to say that it is not going to grow, they are just slightly behind the UK and US market which is great for those who want to make a name for themselves out there.



It may be difficult to imagine, but in the world of digital there is no global financial crisis, in fact business is booming in online. The head office of Ogilvy is based in Paris and they are always looking for people to work in their expanding team. Barcelona is home to the International Search Business School, with WebCertain recently opening a businesses there.  The Head Office of Vistaprint is also located in Barcelona, just a couple of blocks from the beach and a few stops from the centre of Barcelona.


For those who are not quite ready to move outside the UK, move  to London, It is a great place to start out your digital career. Make the most of being in the centre of all the action.  There is at least one search event every day of the week in London.  In November there was a Digital Industry Females, Search London, Online Marketing Network as well as a Blueglass event. London is also home to SES London, SMX London and Search Love run by Distilled.


I am looking at moving abroad in the New Year, leaving the cold behind me. I am working out the best options and then will head to my chosen destination.