Recruiters can be a great way to find job opportunities. They are in tune with what is happening in the job market and are often hired by companies to seek out qualified candidates for available positions. It is also possible for individuals to contact recruiters to employ their help in their job search. However, it is your responsibility to produce a resume that will catch their eye and make you an attractive candidate for the position. So, how can you fine-tune your resume to appeal to recruiters?

1. Exemplify your strengths

Make your resume work for you. Recruiters are often looking for key skills and competencies along with specific education or training. Create a strong list of core competencies that encompasses what you are best at and what you can bring to the type of position you are seeking. Add metrics to provide support for a job well done. Putting numerical figures, whether monetary or percentages, with your accomplishments can make them more concrete and valuable. Recruiters can quickly see the impact that you made and better assess your skills and qualifications.

2. Target the type of position you want

Think about what type of job you would like and are qualified for. Tailor your resume to these types of openings so that you stand out among the competition. Get rid of outdated or irrelevant content that does not support your goal. Do your research and find out what experience and skills employers are seeking and how you fit into this role. While you may be open to doing a wide range of jobs, your resume should have a clear focus. You can always create more than one version depending on the type of position and make adjustments as necessary.

3. Update your social media accounts

The Internet has become a go-to resource for job seekers and recruiters alike. This makes it even more important to keep these accounts up-to-date and polished. According to a recent article on AARP, “Recruiters increasingly are using the Web to seek out experienced candidates. That’s why you must have a digital profile with an active social media presence on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You might also have your own personal website to highlight your work and write a blog.”

As you revamp your resume, make sure you update it online as well. Oftentimes online platforms give you the opportunity to add links to additional information. You can link to a personal website, blog or portfolio; articles or awards highlighting your achievements; or other relevant information. Include the link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume so that it is easier for employers and recruiters to access your information.