Coming prepared to an interview is very important and shows the recruiter that you are serious about getting the job. Of course you want to leave a lasting impression and get that call back. There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and impress. Make sure you have a standout resume 200 times better than any other candidate.

Many times, what you do before the interview is the most critical part.

Research the company

You want to know as much as you can about the company you are interviewing at. What is their mission and vision? How many branches do they have? Which products sell the best? Gather any and every piece of information you can lay your hands on.

Make sure you meet all requirements

Go through the ad and see if you have all the listed requirements. Check what the employer is looking for and then look at your skills and qualifications. If it is a good match, the ball is now in your court.

Gather all necessary documents

Make sure you have all the needed documents with you. You don’t want to be scratching around in your teeny tiny bag for your crumbled up resume. Research for the best resumes formats 10 days before the interview if you have the time and start planning immediately. Find your qualification certificates and anything else they asked you do bring. Being organized will take you a long way.

Dress appropriately

We are all aware that some on the wealthiest people like dressing in jeans and t-shirts. This is not what you should follow when going to an interview. Unless of course your interview is at Google, then I think anything is kind of acceptable. Don’t take my word for it though. Dress appropriately to the company’s rules and this does not always mean rocking up in a suit and tie.

Ask questions

Prepare a list of questions for the interview. This should be a short list but going in with none could leave you searching for words. Even though it’s traditional for the interviewer to ask questions, having a set of your own will give an impression that you took the time to sit down and prepare.

Anticipate their questions

Between your research and the job description, you should prepare a set of questions you think they might ask. Then go ahead and note down appropriate answers for those questions. There is also some general questions you can prepare for like “What are your strengths and weaknesses”. The more you prepare, the better and more natural your answers will come across.

Follow up

If you’ve done a decent job at your interview, don’t be afraid to follow up if you have not heard back from the company. Employers are usually very busy and a little reminder does not hurt. Do it in a professional manner to show you are still available and very interested in working for the company.


Gone are the days when you just walk into an interview and wing it. You have to do as much groundwork as possible to compete with the other interviewees. The world is definitely experiencing a high unemployment rate and it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Having an up to date resume 70 percent improved every year keeps you marketable and more likely to nail the interview. Always keep in mind that your competition is preparing to the maximum to ensure they get hired and you have to do the same. It’s not that difficult to do and just spending a few hours preparing can make the world’s difference. First impressions last and you need to prove that you think things through and prepare thoroughly for any situation.