What Do You Want?

If you don’t know what job or area you want to work in then a careers specialist could help you. Many people don’t know what area they want to work in so figuring this out is the first step to getting that perfect job. A careers advisor could be helpful with pointing you in the right direction.

Are You Qualified?

Once you figure out what you want to do, further study may be needed. In order to be considered for the job you want you need to have the appropriate qualifications. Internships can often be a good way of avoiding extra study while obtaining on the job experience. They can help make you more attractive to an employer and could even lead into a full time job.

Perfect CV

Your CV is never perfect. Throughout your job hunt constant CV updates and changes need to be made so that your CV can keep getting you the job interviews. Tailoring your cover letters to the specific job you are applying for helps show that you really are interested in that specific position.

Use Contacts

In order to get yourself an interview you need to send your CV to as many people as you can. Using friends and other contacts is a good way to get noticed. There might be a position open at their workplace or one of their friends may know of a job that is needing someone like you. You never know where your opportunity might come from.


This is where you can sell yourself. No matter how good your CV is it wont capture your personality and your job interview is the time to let the employer get to know who you are. This is where the employer is going to find out if you will fit in with the rest of the team at the workplace.

I am a recent graduate and have just started an internship with Creative Agency Secrets and these are some of the steps that helped me to land this position. I personally found a careers advisor helpful, I went through three different CV formats and constantly updated and changed the content. I also found contacts the most useful way to get job interviews.

Good luck with your job search.