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When you hit your mid-career you may start finding the work that once inspired you is becoming a drag. According to experts this is a common state of affairs and is unconnected to how successful you are or the wealth you have accumulated. It is more a state of mind and the circumstances around you. So how do you find meaning in mid executive career?

Your Personal Circumstances

Curiously, when you were young and more or less commitment free you could live and work more or less anywhere in the world. With your options wide open it could be you found this scary and a little daunting. Now, you could well have nonnegotiable commitments such as mortgages, education fees for siblings, and all the usual financial constraints that keep you behind a desk. These constraints may be a blessing in disguise and help you focus your efforts once you have worked out why you feel you need a change.

Find the cause of your Disenchantment

It is important you identify why you are feeling less enthused with your current role and reinvent yourself to find meaning once more. One of the key questions to ask is your disfranchisement your job or your organisation? If it is the latter you may find that it the culture that is holding you down rather than the job itself.

We are conditioned to believe that we should find meaning in our work and often we are stigmatised if we cannot. It does not always work out that way, however, and it could be you need to find meaning outside of work. This could be for a charity or a personal project. Possibly, studying a subject not connected with work will help you feel fulfilled again.

If you feel it is your job role, consider the following:

Perhaps you need a fresh challenge? Taking on more responsibility, hiring teams members from different backgrounds, or possibly chairing a committee could be what you need to bring meaning to your work life. Ask for a promotion or share your ideas with your line manager. Sometimes a sideways promotion can provide you with greater meaning in your career, so don’t dismiss this.

Are there issues and complications that disrupt workflow? You could well find that there are issues and complications that are damaging efficiency at work. Determining a strategy to make workflow more efficient could be the challenge you need. Put in the plan and discuss it with the relevant people. You could just reinvent yourself.

Making a Career Transition

Making a career transition in your forties may seem daunting but you know yourself better, you have your skills honed, and you can bring a lot to the table for any new company. Perhaps most importantly, you know what you want to avoid. This can be invaluable when making a switch.