There’s a lot out there when it comes to job searching advice – from the ins and outs of applicant tracking software to navigating today’s online networking.

While much of today’s job hunting skills require an acceptance (however reluctant!) of technology’s prominent role throughout the process, take comfort in the notion that many of the tried and true steps toward landing a job come from simple lessons learned early on in life.

Here’s a few adapted in part from Robert Fulghum’s well-loved poem:

Say Please and Thank You: This goes for everything you embark on throughout the job search process, from sending and receiving a LinkedIn invitation, making a new online connection, or even sending and receiving an email.

Share Everything: Nobody likes a limelight hog. What does this mean for you? Don’t take all the credit on your resume or LinkedIn profile when in fact you shared the achievement. Use words like “Contributed to,” or “Integral member of team that. . . ”

Sharing also extends to articles of interest and posts by colleagues or experts in your field. Sharing them with your LinkedIn connections together with a simple intro or by clicking on the “thumbs up” icon to indicate a like can go a long way toward forging a stronger network, stoking good will and positioning yourself as someone knowledgeable in your field.

Don’t Hit People: In the job search world this applies to holding your tongue when it comes to any ill will or frustrations with your current (or former) employee. Take the high road and keep it classy by focusing on what you were proudest of when you walked out the door.

Warm Cookies and Cold Milk Are Good for You: Comfort foods can lift the spirits – and many claim that ice cream is the mental cure-all. When it comes to a rough day on the job search front, any yummy snack will suffice J

Learn Some and Think Some and Draw and Paint and Sing and Dance and Play and Work Every Day Some: In grade school this meant we got taught more than just the three Rs. We learned about art, music and PE as well.

As an adult – strive for a work-life balance by remembering to build exercise into your day, listen to some music or even watch a favorite TV show in addition to researching jobs, building connections and applying for roles.

When You Go Out into the World, Watch out for Traffic, Hold Hands and Stick Together: Your current and ever-expanding (hopefully!) network is critical to a successful job search. Pay it forward by looking for ways to help and support those in your network.

Be Aware of Wonder: You never know when or where the next opportunity may present itself. Keep your eyes open and remember that every connection offers the chance to take that next step down the path to a great career!

Take a Break and Do Recess. It’s tough to make job hunting a full-time job. Doing so can lead you on the fast-track to burnout. Make sure to take breaks and focus on other areas of interest.

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