Empower Employees With HR Mobile AppsEmployees want the ability to quickly submit requests or documents to HR without having to fill out lengthy paperwork and adhere to a drawn out process. Why not cut through the clutter and provide a solution that can eliminate the lengthy process for the employee AND help HR become more efficient and productive?

How about considering mobile apps to supplement your company’s HR functions?

Here are five reasons why employees want and need mobile apps, and how this technology can empower employees.

1. Convenience. Mobile apps for HR functions provide a wealth of convenience for employees. Part of the barrier to having an employee comply with proper processes for time off requests, expense reports, timesheets, and other paperwork, is that it isn’t always convenient to access or submit the documents. Mobile apps remove the need for paperwork and figuring out how to locate the documents and submit, since it can all be completed in the palm of their hand within a single application.

2. Speed. Paperwork takes more time to process than electronic submissions. Since paperwork requires the exchange of hands or emails, the time it takes to get from the initial request to finalizing can be twice as long. Mobile apps encompass the entire process as an electronic flow and can provide quick turnaround.

3. Streamlined Process. Using mobile apps streamlines the process into a specific flow and provides a framework. When submitting information electronically, the user is brought from step to step without other distractions that could affect the process from being completed the “right way.” The app is created using a logical flow that provides all the necessary steps and goes straight from beginning to end.

4. Less Room for Errors. Because the process is streamlined and guided, there is less room for errors. Electronic submissions can help to eliminate issues with incorrect translations in requirements and human error issues that can occur when processing paperwork, which then leads to higher accuracy.

5. Innovation. Some employees value the the concept of innovation within their company. Having a company that embraces innovation and technology can reinforce the idea that the company is not only looking out for customers and clients, but also for their internal workforce and this good will can lead to happier and more productive employees who know the company wants to make their job easier.

As employers strive for efficiency and productivity, employees strive for autonomy and empowerment. Although these ideals may seem to pull a workplace in different directions, these driving forces can work together to help build a successful strategy to satisfy both needs.

For more information about mobile apps to supplement HR functions, check out this eBook: Energizing the Workforce with Mobile HR.