I recently wrote about how important it is for companies to build an engaging culture in order to attract great employees:

“The most talented professionals can be selective. They’re good at what they do, so they don’t necessarily need to take the first opportunity that comes their way. They’re going to find the company that sparks excitement and motivation, and resonates with their professional values. All companies should take note, and evaluate what they’re really doing to attract and retain talent.”

If you haven’t already taken stock and put together your strategy for this very important initiative, which both current and prospective employees will appreciate, then it’s time to get started.

There’s also the matter of marketing your organization as a top notch employer. There are so many avenues to get the word out there about everything your company is doing to inspire the team and make it a great place to work – your company website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to name a few. But as we always like to say, “LinkedIn is Business, Not Social,” so possible candidates are most likely to turn to LinkedIn first when researching your organization.

Individual Profile Content

Prime real estate for sharing employment branding content are your team’s individual LinkedIn profiles. We start every recruiting engagment with profile updates; sometimes company-wide, or at least the hiring managers and HR team. Our goal is to uncover the most meaningful content and company information that will resonate with potential employees. We ask questions like:

What is it about your company that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning and come to work?

What defines the culture at your company and why is that important to you?

What have you worked on recently that has been particularly rewarding?

Remember, LinkedIn profiles are not resumes. They are an opportunity to say something beyond a list of job roles and responsibilities. Make it count.

LinkedIn Pages

You may have recently heard that LinkedIn Company Pages got a redesign. Now called “LinkedIn Pages,” this part of LinkedIn is where you can market your products and services, advertise open positions, share industry news & content and share employment messaging. (Career pages gives you an even greater opportunity to showcase the wonderful perks of working for your organization).

Once again, you’ll need to be strategic about what kind of information you share. Beyond the basic content of what your company does, you can position this messaging to appeal to potential employees; what benefits you offer, is there flexible scheduling or even a remote option, how often do people move up within the company… These are all examples of information that will get someone excited about your company.

And now, LinkedIn members have the chance to follow your company page, where they will receive updates on content shared, company news and job postings. It’s a great way for job seekers to vet companies as they search for their next opportunity, which means that it’s a great way for companies to show off!

Finding the right talent is tough. And searching for a job is enough harder! Employment branding opens new doors and provides new access to understand where the right fits are and get those conversations started. And LinkedIn is the best place to get started.