It’s no secret that good company marketing is imperative for any business hoping to attract the finest employees in today’s competitive market.

And while there is no hierarchy of tasks involved in a good recruitment marketing strategy – it should be bespoke to your needs, after all – it’s important to ensure yourself allow ample time to focus on amplification. In short, good content is nothing if no one is going to read it.

Yes, asking your staff to spend time on social media is actually a good thing.

Social media is no hidden secret, either. If you don’t know about it, or how to use it, perhaps you should wake up from 2010, grandma? No, the most powerful weapon in your arsenal is one right under your nose: your employees. 2015 is set to be the year in which engaging and encouraging staff to be content advocates will truly take off. Gary from Accounts – he’s your ace in the hole.

Why use employees?

It takes no great leap of faith to work out that, no matter how great you claim your company is, if it’s not a message shared by the people on a level with those you’re trying to attract, it’s going to hold as much authority as David Cameron praising Poundland. Websites like Glassdoor are driving this.

Your staff are living the story you’re trying to tell – it makes sense you use them to tell it.

People are more willing to share content when recommended by people rather than brands. If your people share your content, it immediately gives it more authenticity.

Bear in mind also that on social networks – especially on LinkedIn – your employees’ connections will be just the sort of people that you’re looking for. Yes, asking your staff to spend time on social media is actually a good thing. – rated by LinkedIn as one of the top ten most in-demand companies to work for in 2014 – saw a 60 percent increase in employee referrals after CEO Marc Benioff asked employees to help promote high-priority roles on their social networks.

Impressed? Don’t worry; you can do it, too.

How do I get them on board?

If your company is as good as it says it is, hopefully you shouldn’t need to persuade them. But, in many cases, simply letting your staff know that you want them to share content is a good step. If they’re aware of this, they’re going to feel more comfortable sharing and posting to their personal networks.

Depending on the size of your company, you might want to use an employee advocacy tool – something like Dynamic Signal or – that facilitates the sharing of your content across large numbers of employees.

Regardless of the method you’re using, it’s wise to provide your staff with both the content you want them to share, and guidelines on how to do it. This doesn’t have to be purely prescriptive, but you need to let them know what you’re trying to do and what message you want to get out.

After all, you’re not trying to trick your employees into sharing content – this is content you want them to want to share. Send out a weekly email with your content – pictures, blogs, anything you can think of and want out in the world.

The most powerful weapon in your arsenal is one right under your nose: your employees.

The bottom line is that your staff is more than just the people that you work with and that work for you. They’re the living, breathing evidence of your recruitment content. If they’re sharing your content, you can guarantee there will be likeminded people reading it.