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Motivating your employees isn’t one of the easiest tasks and there really aren’t any magic remedies in doing so either. There are however steps you can take to implement a plan and really put employee engagement at the forefront of your retention strategy.

When employees simply lose interest they become disengaged and don’t feel as connected to the company anymore as others would. This can cause whole teams to suffer and really bring down the energy levels.

When it comes to keeping your employees’ happy many companies focus on salaries or perks, but sometimes this isn’t where the problem lies and isn’t something you can simply throw money at either to fix.

The Shocking Facts Of Disengaged Employees

Research carried out around employee disengagement found the following results:

68% of employees would consider moving jobs in 2018 (Glassdoor)

89% of employers think their employees leave for more money (Gallup)

75% don’t quit their jobs they quit their bosses (Rodger Herman)

88 % of employees don’t feel passionate about their work ( Dupress)

80% of senior managers have lost interest in their work ( Linkedin)

83% don’t feel they have a compelling or exciting employe brand ( Dupress)

Only 26% of employees agree “my employer listens and responds well to me.” (Weber Shandwick)

A global study reports 79% of people who quit their jobs cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving

These aren’t the only numbers that should shock. Research is continually throwing up stats that show insights into the world of disengaged employees. The fact of the matter is what are you doing to stop it from happening in your company?

Taking Action


It’s that easy employee engagement is about engaging with your employees so, do just that. Send an anonymous questionnaire around the office on a monthly basis and see how people are feeling. Ask them for their opinions on how their mood could be changed or is there anything you can do to help.

Some people get overwhelmed with workloads so requesting to have somebody give them a hand could help a lot!

Touch Base

This is a simple step that cost nothing to implement. Hold weekly or monthly one to one meetings and give constructive feedback. This is something employees value most as it let’s them know if they are doing a good job or the areas they need to improve on to advance and achieve their goals.

Be An Active Manager

Practice what you preach. Really get involved and show your employees that they are valued. Recognizing their hard work is something that should be carried out as often as possible. It also takes little time to do so an is highly appreciated.

Another strategy would be to bring some fun to your teams. All work and no play can really take it’s toll. Organize some team activities to help break up the day even if it is just a walk around the block or an off-site lunch it helps keep those motivation levels up.

Give Proper Training

Promoting employee engagement through training is a great way to help motivate employees and managers. Give your managers the time and a small budget if required to train their teams in required areas. This will boost morale and help towards the companies overall goals.