Virtual offices continue to prove themselves as models of efficiency in the workplace. Employers are finding that virtual offices offer both expected and unexpected cost savings to the bottom line, while allowing valued employees the flexibility they want and need for a healthy life and work balance. With the cost savings and satisfied workers in virtual offices, companies are seeing added efficiency, elevated profits, and improved growth. Companies around the world are seeing the positive changes that come from implementation of virtual offices utilizing cloud computing, online meeting software such as UberConference, and web collaboration technology.

Gleaning Cost Savings

Virtual employees, in their virtual offices, save costs for the company making them effective and efficient in today’s workplace. These employees often supply their own equipment – think computers, printers, phones, etc. – thereby saving employers a bundle right from the start. Virtual employees also provide their own office space, whether it is a home office or a spot at the local coffee shop. In addition, virtual employees come with their own specialized training, saving the company both time and money that would likely be used for training traditional in-office staff.  Each of these, ultimately, save the company costs to the bottom line – less equipment and office furniture to purchase or lease, fewer offices, cubicles, and spaces to house employees while in the office and, of course, no time or money lost in training new employees. Of course, this leads to the satisfaction of the most important component of the virtual office – the virtual employee.

Keeping Employees Motivated, Efficient and Happy

Any company’s employees are its greatest asset. That being said, the area of utmost importance is keeping one’s employees motivated, happy, and healthy which, in turn, offers beneficial returns including loyal employees, satisfied customers, and elevated profits. With the virtual office, employees enjoy benefits such as a more flexible work environment and more free time to devote to job solutions. They no longer have to consider getting to the office on time and the stress-filled early morning commute, not to mention the dreaded evening return home. With less stress and more freedom, virtual team members have the time to devote to creating needed solutions, devoting time to clients and customers, and adding to the company’s profitability. A study recently published by the EOG (Executive Offices Group) shows that 87% of the survey respondents affirm virtual office employees are not only happier and more satisfied in their work, but also more productive and effective, as well as more attentive to clients and customers.

Utilizing Technology

Another reason for the efficiency and productivity of the virtual office is the availability of a multitude of means of communication.  Today’s web tools allow employees to collaborate in real-time work, including cyber-meetings, editing documents, and sharing files. Online meeting tools such as UberConference allow virtual team members from all over the world to communicate and problem-solve while building relationships and increasing efficiency for the company.

Today’s file sharing applications permit large files to be shared quickly and easily while cloud computing offers the opportunity for several virtual employees to work together and offer feedback while the project is being developed. Interaction via the Cloud and online meeting tools such as UberConference keep communication clear and efficient, increasing productivity among employees and clients and avoiding awkward miscommunications and negative connotations. With online meeting tools, clients and virtual workers alike can phone in or join the meeting via the web at any time from any virtual office, elevating the virtual office efficiency and organization.

It is easy to see how truly efficient virtual offices are proving themselves to be in today’s modern marketplace. Companies worldwide are discovering not only more satisfied and dedicated employees in their offerings, but also cost savings, increased productivity, and happy, loyal clients and customers. Virtual employees get the flexibility and freedom they enjoy with less stress than exists in a traditional office environment. Companies that are embracing the virtual office environment concept are finding more efficient, effective workers with the added bonuses of cost savings, better cared for and more satisfied clients, and increased productivity and organization. Virtual offices are efficient and offer numerous benefits that include improved employees’ life and work balance and added profitability for the companies that embrace the virtual office concept.