The rag-tag group of interns seated in the back of your office may be a glimpse into the future of your company. If you’re struggling to bring in talented interns, it may be time to beef up your current intern recruitment strategy by building a talent community.

With two-thirds of the Class of 2013 taking part in an internship during college, it’s safe to say it’s a competitive environment for landing talented interns for your internship program. When used correctly, your internship program should act as a highly effective talent pipeline–essentially powering the future hiring of your company. And according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the conversion rate for converting interns into full-time employees has hit an all-time high at 58.6 percent.

Building a talent community for your internship program essentially means finding a virtual connecting point for anyone interested in your company culture or employer brand. It’s your chance to convert brand fans into intern hires. This could be students, recent graduates, or current and previous interns and employees (these folks will act as your connectors).

Regardless of whether your internship program holds one or 15 interns, creating a hub for attracting and engaging talented students and recent graduates is something every company needs. Here are a few tips for building a noteworthy talent community for your internship program:

Locate The Perfect Spot

The location of your talent community is essential to reaching the appropriate audience. When it comes to your internship program, you want to bring in students and recent graduates with backgrounds relevant to your industry. Go where these types of potential candidates are thriving.

This could mean creating a group on LinkedIn or Facebook, using your company’s career page, or even developing a hub on a more industry-specific platform such as GitHub. The platform of your choosing should be a place for two-way communication to thrive naturally, as well as a placeholder for a variety of potential candidates.

Fill It With VIPs

When it comes to your internship program, you’ve probably got a few fans floating around in the social space. You know who I’m talking about — the students who’ve tweeted you repeatedly or linked you to their online portfolio. Those are the people you need to be directing toward your talent community.

Keep your talent community well-rounded by inviting a variety of different people to join. For instance, current interns and employees, company alumni, brand fans, previous intern candidates, or any connection that might be relevant to a better influx of talented interns, like a college career center staffer.

Get Things Buzzing

The purpose of creating a talent community is to keep your potential intern hires and relevant connections engaged with exclusive information to boost their knowledge and interest in your company. Content may come in the form of shared links regarding both internal and external company news, job listings, blog posts, videos, and contests.

As a rule of thumb, remember to keep your content as relevant as possible to potential intern hires. This means you may want to touch on specific internships and entry-level hiring information, as well as career advancement and company culture. If what you’re about to share isn’t giving your talent community members a valuable look into your organization and internship program, then it might be better to pass.

Encourage Conversation

Posting links isn’t the only thing you should be doing within your talent community. True engagement stems from active conversation.

Get your talent community members to engage in a variety of different conversations by asking questions, taking polls, and encouraging them to share advice and work experiences. It’s important to ensure that your members aren’t just engaging with you, but also with each other.

Get In Some Face Time

Add some extra pizzazz to your talent community by throwing a multimedia element into the mix. Group-based conversations are great for driving interest, but you’ll build stronger connections if you can actually interact with your candidates in real time. Why not put together a monthly Google Hangout to address a variety of topics or hold a Q&A session?

Exclusively invite a number of attendees to your Google Hangout and record the conversation to post for commenting later. For example, your first Hangout could feature current and previous interns and feature a discussion on their internship experiences with your company.

Using Google Hangouts or other multimedia channels will encourage engagement and conversation.

Be Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are essentially the third arm of the Millennial generation, which happens to be your target audience. If you want to ensure the engagement of worthy potential intern candidates, your talent community must be optimized for mobile access. If you’re using a private platform or page on your careers site for your talent community, enlist the help of your IT department to ensure it’s accessible on all types of mobile devices.

Don’t let your mediocre intern prospects mirror the less-than-awesome future hiring choices of your company. Building a large and engaging talent community for your internship program will allow you to recruit more talented intern hires.