Do you have a resume you’ve put together yourself? If so, it’s possible you’re messing up in one of these areas – resulting in a resume that literally sucks in the eyes of a hiring manager. If you are making these top resume mistakes, it explains why your resumes isn’t getting you hired.

Believe it or not, the hiring manager’s job is not easy. Not only because every time a position opens up in the company, hundreds of resumes flood in, but because over half of those resumes, undeniably, suck.

There are a few top resume mistakes that you’re probably making on your resume – especially if you’ve tried writing the resume yourself.

If your resume hasn’t landed you an interview in a while, you may want to review these 11 top resume mistakes to see if your resume actually sucks in the eyes of a hiring manager.

11 Top Resume Mistakes

1. You have an unprofessional e-mail address
2. You got your objective statement from Google
3. There’s been a lack of proofreading
4. You rely on abbreviations (i.e. – etc.)
5. You’ve included a random/unnecessary photo
6. There are suspicious employment gaps
7. There’s evidence of resume template
8. You list family members as references
9. Your resume has a lack of details in ‘Education’ section
10. You’ve decided to omit area codes
11. You’ve left off the last name of your reference(s)


The Lesson….

I can almost guarantee that you’re making at least one of these top resume mistakes on your resume – if not more than one.

The biggest secret to success during the job search process is making sure you’re covering all points and there’s no room for error. Take a few minutes to critically assess your resume and if you’re seeing areas that could be improved, invest in professional resume writing and start making the most of your job search.