iStock_000016004829XSmall (2)There’s always a reason not to search for a new job. There’s always a reason to talk yourself into complacency—sticking with the job you’ve had for years, the one you’re no longer passionate about, the one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

There are always excuses for staying at home instead of heading out on the job trail—but in the end, none of them are all that convincing. Or at least, none of them are really worth staying at a job you hate.

So if you’re unhappy at work but reluctant to seek out something new, it’s time to get real—and to debunk some of these common excuses.

For example:

“I’ve been job searching for a long time now, and nothing seems to be working out.” Maybe you’ve been on the job trail for a few weeks, or even a few months, and have decided it’s just not yielding results. The thing is, jobseeking is always a long-term thing. It takes time and focus; results won’t come overnight. You’ve got to keep plugging away, and remind yourself that a better work life is worth the effort—and worth the wait.

“I’m so burned out and exhausted by the daily grind that I’m not sure I could be passionate or energetic in an interview.” Sure you could. Spend some time talking with encouraging, affirmation-giving friends before the interview; spend time studying up on the company to build your knowledge, and therefore your confidence. Come armed with a resume that will really knock the interviewer’s socks off.

“It’s been so long since my last job interview that my skills are far too rusty.” That may be so, but there’s no reason you can’t sharpen them by spending a few days running through some practice interview scenarios with your friends or loved ones.

“I don’t have a resume, so I can’t interview.” You may not have a resume right now, but the Grammar Chic resume writing team can create one for you—one that will truly brand you as an exemplary employee and a strong applicant. Think of it as a minor investment in ultimate job search success!

“I could submit my resume, but it’s just going to get weeded out by resume-screening software.” Not if your resume is properly keyworded, it won’t be! Concerns about screening software are legitimate, but having your resume handled by a professional can ensure there is little to worry about.

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