Drama in the Work PlaceI believe this is becoming a hot topic at work places.

Here is a little background on why I think this is such an issue.

Social media has brought about the idea that a person can be the news. A number of people believe they own the news and that their opinion is the only acceptable opinion out there. This type of attitude is carrying over to the workplace where people are telling others how important they are at work and how they believe people should follow them because of their importance.

This type of attitude which was also pervasive before social media is quickly being noticed and not accepted. People are tired of the same people constantly broadcasting information about themselves.

Before you decide to post something at work on social media, make sure you ask yourself, “Can this content affect me adversely in any way?” Before you decide to blow up at someone, ask yourself, “Will this action bring about results or more declension?”

As for those of you who work with these type of people. My best advice is don’t take them seriously and try to change the conversation quickly. Many times, if you are a good listener, these type of people believe you are accepting their view. This really irritates me that these type of people can view listening as agreeing.

The other sad part is this type of drama at work can also be demonstrated in front of customers. This is a total turn off and could ultimately be the one thing that drives your clients away.

How To Deal With This Issue?

Typically, the people who create the drama are those who do not have enough work to do and say they are busy all the time. They are sadly looking for acceptance and fulfillment. Give these people a specific task with a specific deadline. This will help illustrate to these people that they are no better or worse than other people, they just need to get work completed like everyone else.

Try to diffuse the power. Don’t approach these people by yourself. In a group setting these people often don’t know what to do and they quickly look foolish and people can see through their acting, (drama).

When communicating with these people, use words like “really” or “that’s nice” or “interesting.” Don’t try to carry on a conversation unless you have a lot of time to listen about how great or stressed these people are.

Try to limit their exposure to clients if you can or make sure someone is with them so you know what type of drama messages are being communicated.

Above all, never get caught up with someone’s drama online, (social media). This is very dangerous and it can easily take you down a wrong and permanent path. Watch out for these type of conversations and people on social media and quickly unfriend and unfollow them. No one wants to be a part of something gone very bad.


Finally, make sure you do not become one of these people. All of us want to be proud of our work and accomplishments, but work at standing for something more. Stop putting the focus of success or stress on yourself or someone else. Work for a higher calling and make sure you are a part of a team approach. You will find much more success and experience closer relationships with your co-workers and clients. In the end all of you will be better.

Leave the drama at the stage and don’t bring it to the workplace!

[Photo Credit: Flickr – Joel Kramer]