Here are several ways to use your time wisely at work and at home.

Here are several ways to use your time wisely at work and at home.

From working 40+ hours a week to spending quality time with your family, trying to do it all can seem like a struggle. Stretching yourself too thin can lead to you not doing anything at work or home well. “How can I find a balance between my work and family life,” you may be asking. Fortunately, there are several ways to make the dream of finding the perfect balance a reality.

Be Honest From the Start
As early as the interview process, be upfront with the hiring manager when they ask about your schedule. Let them know that you have a family and if there are certain days of the week that you cannot work late, such as for your child’s soccer game or swimming lesson. Those are times that your children will want you to be a part of, and if you do not get hired for the position because of that, then you probably would not have been happy working for that employer.

With the use of the Internet and a phone, having the ability to work at home sometimes can be a reality. In fact, there are plenty of companies out there who prefer some of their employees to work from home because it cuts down on the cost of needing an office space and any additional resources the employer will need to pay for in order to have you work onsite. Besides, who wouldn’t want to work in their pajamas some of the time?

Prioritize Your Day
If you feel like there are a million things that you need to get done today, make a list of all of the tasks you want to accomplish. Once that list is completed, make two more lists; one that itemizes everything that needs to get done right away and another list that includes all of the less important projects that don’t need to get done right away. As long as you are accomplishing everything in your important list, your day will be much more productive.

Step Away From the Gadgets
Once you have left the office for the day, don’t even think about checking those work emails. If you are going to spend your family time thinking about work, you might as well still be there. Enjoy your time with your loved ones because everything else can wait.