IF you’re an HR professional, manager, or coordinator, there’s a good chance you’ve been involved in event planning at some point. So you probably know how hard it is to get some employees excited about workplace events.

Even if you’ve got an event lined up that is sure to be beneficial, like a guest speaker lunch table session from someone influential in your industry for example–the way you present the event to the team will effect their engagement.

So how do you get people excited about an event? It starts with an eye-catching promotional poster.

While a poster admittedly isn’t the be-all and end-all of employee engagement, consider this: it’s the first employees will have of an event. Not only that, but the signage you post around the office and email out to your team says something about your company culture.

If you want your employees to be engaged, the content you give them needs to be engaging. Makes sense, right?

In fact, a 2006 study showed that a lack of visual stimulation throughout the day negatively affected workers’ ability to stay alert. But when visual variation in the form of colors and light are introduced into the workplace, employees are able to stay more alert (and are generally happier as well).

A nicely designed promotional poster serves the dual purpose of promoting an event and introducing some more color to the office.

When made well, a promotional poster for your event will:

  1. Inform your team about the event.
  2. Encourage your team to participate.

Although graphic design isn’t typically part of an HR professional’s role, many companies (particularly smaller ones) require their team members to try on different hats.

Designing a beautiful poster doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you begin with a template. All you need to do is be mindful of some basic tenets of good graphic design.

This infographic walks you through the steps for creating a beautiful poster design for web or for print.

event poster