There are certainly a ton of stressors out there that can make life challenging, but job stress likely leads the pack for most of us. The costs of job stress can be deafening. Afterall, you probably spend 40-80 hours working a week, making a living, surrounded by stress .

In the U.S. job stress is the top dog. The stress from your job has a trickle down effect to other facets of your life.

Top 5 Causes of Stress

1) Job Pressure

If you ever heard the phrase, “Do more with less” run for the hills. That equals we’re going to work you to the bone, and don’t ask for a penny more.

Other factors causing job stress include bosses who micro-manage or are professional meeting attendee’s. If they’re in your face or you can never find them (if you need them) this can be stressful.

The inability to get along with your fellow employees can certainly increase your stress levels.

Work Overload can generate incredible stress. The kind where you come home at night, fall asleep within an hour, wake up to do it all over again. That schedule can paralyze you after a while.

2) Money

It makes the world go around. It also causes people to go crazy. There never seems to be enough of it for the majority.

This usually relates directly to job stress. I don’t hear many say, “I’m so overpaid” too often. If your perception is you’re underpaid to make ends meet, the stress meter usually lands hard right.

3) Health

If all you do is work and still there isn’t enough money, here come the health problems. Oh, they might not be immediate, but that stress is taking a toll. Eating on the go, not time to exercise, consistently living at 100mph. It’s a recipe for disaster.

4) Relationships

You see where this going. You know it, and you live it. If the three above are in a spiral, your relationships usually suffer immensely. It can take the face of constantly arguing or shutting down.

5) Poor Nutrition

Always on the go is generally associated with poor eating habits. The #5 large with a diet coke, order through the drive thru won’t lead to competing in the Olympics. Eating poorly is the cherry on the top off this stress cycle.

The Google Way

You know them, you love them. You’re company probably doesn’t have a 380 billion dollar market cap, but this how the big boys help their employees deal with stress.

Open physical space for collaboration
Free yoga and pilates classes
Subsidized massages
Your own personal health counselor
Free Food
Fitness Facilities
On-Site Doctors
Laundry Rooms

“You don’t need a lot of money to do what Google has done. If you give people freedom, they will amaze you.”
Laszlo Bock

Well you do need a lot of money, but most large companies could do something close. Most small businesses don’t have anything in place, and they could also set up programs that wouldn’t break the bank. They just have to make it happen.

Google Employee Perks
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How Employees Can Reduce Stress

Time Management – Write down what you do for a week. Yes, everything. Then see where you’re spending too much time, or not enough. Create balance and your efficiency will rise.

Have a few go-to people – You need to consistently “get it out” and vent. Having people you trust that will listen and make suggestions is very important. A sounding board if you will.

Eat, Sleep, and Exercise – Find a way to do all three correctly. Limit your eating out, find 15-30 minutes to exercise per day, and get at least 6-8 hours. When these three things are out of whack, your overall stress is amplified.

So are you stressed? What do you do to temper your stress?

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