attracting passive candidates

Today’s top IT talent is less likely to actively be on the hunt for new opportunities. Shortages of highly technical skills and the difficulty that 71% of organizations have in attracting enough qualified applicants ensures that recruiters will seek them out long before they are ready seriously put themselves on the market. Fortunately for your business, 84% of tech professionals are receptive to leaving their jobs if the right opportunity is presented. That’s why attracting passive candidates the way IT staffing companies do instead of waiting is how a growing number of companies fill their IT positions.

In our own experience, recruiting passive candidates depends on the strength of relationships you build. Strong bonds require consistent effort and communication, proving to passive candidates that your interactions are more than just another transaction. Unfortunately, most HR departments are preoccupied with a laundry list of other essential tasks, making the full commitment required to build lasting candidate relationships next to impossible. In fact, to overcome one of the biggest challenges in hiring tech talent demands full-time effort and insight that only dedicated technical recruiters can truly achieve.

The Steps of Attracting Passive Candidates

Throughout the hiring process, our recruiters use a variety of strategies to engage with passive candidates and build interest in opportunities that are right for both companies and IT talent:

  • Connect – Candidates need the right introduction to your brand. Our IT recruiters find ways to share value, maximize the power of social media, and get the attention of passive candidates in a crowded market.
  • Build Personalized Relationships– Relationships need to be built on solid ground. Throughout the recruiting lifecycle, our recruiters learn about the motivations of candidates, connect with them on a personal level, get referrals, and even maintain contacts after your competitors end up hiring IT consultants.
  • Get Active in the Community – Part of attracting passive candidates is to have a strong industry presence. By attending industry events and even cosponsoring a few, our recruiters learn valuable ways to engage with passive jobseekers.
  • Respond to Change – Once a passive candidate is in the hiring process does not mean all of the hard work is over. Our recruiters find ways to move placements faster and keep pipeline evolving.

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