cake-1220128_640It is getting hard for companies to retain the best talent so every day they implement new company perks to keep their employees happy and attract new ones. While a competitive pay is important, most of the time money is not enough by itself. Therefore, companies should consider implementing the below most loved perks to reward their employees.

  • Free Food: Free food is always one of the most loved benefits. While smaller companies offer weekly treats like Bagel Fridays or Sandwich Thursdays, other companies offer free breakfast or lunch in their cafeterias. Some companies also use free food to bring their employees together so that they can socialize with each other. For example; ordering pizza to the office and calling employees from different departments to eat it together will help different people get to know each other.
  • Flexible Vacation System: Unlimited vacation policies are growing. This type of policies actually increases productivity. If you trust people with how they decide to use their time, they feel that you are giving them more responsibility. Therefore, they make sure to finish off their work. Some companies limit vacation time but give a bonus to cover expenses or reimburse employees’ vacation costs.
  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Policies: Giving paid maternity and paternity leaves beyond what is required by law shows your employees that you value their family and their work-life balance is important. This policy especially helps mothers because if maternity leave policy is more flexible, then, they don’t feel the pressure between choosing their children and their careers.
  • Freebies: Company freebies such as free magazine subscriptions, free gym or spa memberships, free tickets to concerts or sports games, free dry cleaning service, or similar services are helpful for employees to reduce their stress levels, run their errands and balance their social life with work.
  • Game Rooms: Game rooms with ping-pong tables, darts or Nintendo games give employees the opportunity to have fun in their break times. Also, these games are a great way to bring people together and make team events because employees can play these games in pairs, teams or groups. This will also help you create and set a company culture.
  • Profit Sharing: Start-up companies and some tech companies generally have this perk. It helps employees feel that if the company becomes more successful, they will directly benefit from this success. Therefore, this perk motivates them to work harder.