When it comes to recruiting for your personal brand we often think about utilizing an agency or checking to see what applications we have on file. But what about social recruiting online? There are several ways to use social media to attract the right employees for your niche.

It is not enough to just have a social presence online for your brand and be static. You are responsible to seek out and engage with your audience in order to attract the right candidates who will most effectively represent your message.

There are many online tools and resources available today that can be used for recruiting like LinkedIn, About.me, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. To put the word out that you are recruiting, you need to understand how to effectively leverage these tools.

How to find new recruits on social media

In order to locate and connect with the best, you need to know which social networks are going to be the most effective tools for your brand. Here are several ways to enact social recruiting:

The Big Three Social Networks – How active are you on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn? This is important to know, as you will need to establish your brand over a period of time before reaching out to potential candidates.

Create a Social Recruiting Strategy – Once you have established your personal brand on social media, the next step is to make a plan for recruiting in our networks. This will also take time, and can broken into three month phases. You will want to focus on content, building your brand, social media management and measurement, and effective communication with potential candidates.

Refine and Adjust Your Strategy – This is typically the last phase of your social recruiting goals. Take the time to make adjustments, change your content, and learn what markets are working and whether to focus on other areas.

Attracting the right candidates for your personal brand in social media is a process, but well worth the effort as knowing exactly who to reach out to saves your business both time and money. Be patient with the process, and stay focused on your goals in order to have a successful recruiting campaign. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments and add more strategies as your business grows.