Change is hard for organizations. Whether the organization has been in business for 30 years or 30 days, shifting directions poses a big challenge for everyone involved.

But change is necessary in order for organizations to continue to grow and to thrive. They must constantly evolve not only to keep up with their competition, but to provide a working environment in which employees can grow and evolve as well.

Because let’s face it, an organization is only going to continue to progress if their employees are happy and productive. Today, top employees are leaving organizations at alarming rates due to the vast array of businesses willing to provide them with better salaries, perks, bonuses, unlimited vacation, more growth opportunities – you name it.

Therefore, organizations that focus on employee satisfaction and constant improvement in how they treat their employees will benefit greatly in the course of their growth.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to boost employee satisfaction through an organizational change.

Work on Culture

The culture of the organization is one of the most important things to consider when making a change to increase employee satisfaction. And when it comes to working on culture, there is no one better suited to have a hand in that evolution than your employees.

It is critical that you work closely with employees to shape the future of the organization.

Ask them what’s important to their happiness, productivity, and retention. Set time aside each month to talk to your employees about what matters most to them. If the organization Is large enough, consider sending out a company-wide satisfaction survey.

Senior leaders need to establish the “culture status quo” by demonstrating respect towards others while holding people accountable all at the same time. Transparency and open communication are key in this regard and should not be underestimated.

Develop and actively promote company values within the organization. Make these values a fundamental part of the everyday talk among employees and managers. Everything that they do should be driven by the vision set forth by company executives and leaders.

Share Company Goals, Vision, & Real Numbers

Speaking of transparency and open communication, letting your employees know what’s happening within the organization and where the organization is headed is key in increasing employee satisfaction.

This is something that organizations have struggled with implementing, especially when it comes to sharing “bad news.” Keeping employees up to date and informed on company news, whether good or bad, gives them a greater sense of worth and belonging. Over time, this develops a level of trust in the organization that would not have been possible without open communication.

Employees want to feel good about their managers, the executives, and the future of the company. When organizations hide information, this creates a feeling of separation within the team. Over time, this will lead to a general culture of distrust, and eventually, employee dissatisfaction.

The most beneficial aspect of implementing this tactic into your organization is that it is easy to do. It doesn’t take an entire structural change or major overhaul in how managers conduct their daily business – it’s as easy as being proactive about sharing real, valuable information with the team.

Create Employee Development Opportunities & Promote from Within

One change an organization can make that has a huge impact and long-lasting effects on employee satisfaction is proactively offering development opportunities and promoting employees from within.

“When your employees see that there is room to advance their career within your organization, it speaks volumes,” says Cheryl Connor, contributor at Forbes. “Find out what skills and talents the different members of your crew possess and find ways to develop those skills for future use in your business.”

A good development program is robust and sets clear objectives/goals for employees from the very start. That way there is no ambiguity about what it takes to succeed within the company and to grow.

Objectives and goals should be focused on both skill-development and career advancement. Reward employees that are willing to invest in their own professional and personal skills and promote the employees that show a commitment to the company, positive results, and fit well within the company culture.

In addition, great organizations conduct employee evaluations on a regular basis to ensure the success of their business and the growth of their employees. The largest strides in business are made when everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises.

Make it Fun and Celebrate Achievements

A good way to end this guide is to remind organizations to balance business with fun as often as possible. The last thing any employee wants is all seriousness, all of the time.

Take time at least once per month to congratulate, celebrate, relax, and have some fun within your organization.

Often times, organizations forget how hard their employees are working for them on a daily basis. Validate that hard work and make them feel like they are a valued part of the organization. Great organizations go out of their way to show how much they care for their employees and make it a point to celebrate their successes.

Like the saying goes, “If you want something to grow, pour champagne on it.”