Corporate recruiting can be a very lucrative, fun career, but just like anything else, there are upsides and downsides as well as hurdles to overcome to become very good the trade.

What You Need to Know

If you want to be an effective recruiter, you need to possess a lot of skills as there are a lot of recruiters out there so to make a good living, you are going to have to be an expert in:

– Your field of recruitment – Whether it be executive staffing in sales, or recruiting technology professionals, you’re going to have to know about what you’re recruiting.  For instance, to be a good tech. recruiter, you’re going to need to know the basics of things such as SQL, JAVA and more.

The same would go in accounting or any other field of corporate staffing services.  Those who know what they are recruiting are a lot more effective as staffing professionals who know a lot more than you, puts the recruiter at a great disadvantage to other headhunters in their field.

– The job market and negotiation – The job market is a living breathing thing and you’re going to be living it everyday.  As a recruiter, think of it as the stock market, but instead of equity capital, think in terms of human capital.

For instance, an employee looking to be recruited into an accounting job may ask for $120,000 to change positions, but in a bad economy, they can find themselves laid off the next week which is going to favor the next employer when giving out a job offer to this individual.

The best recruiters are always in-tune to the job market and can use the information to both benefit the client and job seeker which, in turn will yield lucrative results for that headhunter.