Not every company has the luxury of attracting young professionals in hordes the way that Google, Facebook and other similar businesses do. However, becoming an employer of choice for slide-7-638the millennial group is something that all companies in all industries must begin to consider.

Why? Because as of last year only 7% of Gen Y was working for a Fortune 500 company and instead opting for a startup. Enterprises are now concerned about creating a business that suits the needs of millennials. As a result, they are revisiting their strategy, existing technology, and the way their employees learn, communicate and collaborate.

In a recent interview with EXAME Magazine, SAP CEO Bill McDermott shared that SAPs biggest challenge he wants to tackle is starting to reshape the company to be closer to the Gen Y audience. This group will eventually become leaders and consumers of the SAP products and solutions. To do this successfully, for not only SAP and others, it requires an investment in technologies like mobility and cloud.

Why? Because according to McDermott these young people are entering businesses with expectations that the workplace will have tools similar to those they have used their entire lives.

“These are three areas that talk to each other. Today, any tech company needs to have its software running on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. This requires that those products be accessible anywhere and it is enabled by cloud computing. Finally, there are Big Data technologies, which enable professionals to make important business decisions in real time.”

In fact, Deloitte’s recent Millennial Survey cites organizations must create a culture of innovation that also encourages creativity. A number of research results have found mobility and cloud computing specifically support this culture. Using the cloud, millennials can use the cloud to try new things without the upfront costs. Then share it to their boss, or even a peer, using the mobile device they grew up with.

By investing in these technologies, you’ll not only bring your infrastructure up to speed enabling you to compete on the new global stage of business, you may also become a millennial employer of choice. Don’t forget though, even if you buy the tech it is the culture of your company that will win their bids. But that’s another topic for another day.

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