employee retentionWant to see your business grow and flourish? It’s all about attracting and retaining good people at your company.  However, there’s been a lot of worry in the human resources space lately about employee turnover.  As the job market continues to improve and competitors get more aggressive with their offerings, employees have started to jump ship in droves.  We’re big believers that retention starts at the recruiting process, not once an employee is already disillusioned with their job.  Afterall, the best way to get someone to engage and stay engaged is to get them right at the start of their career.  But so often we hear how difficult the recruiting process has become.  Many hiring managers lament that they’re not finding quality talent.  They estimate that their turnover is due to competitors poaching top talent.  Perhaps it’s because your recruiting team is missing some key opportunities in the hiring process.  Perhaps there are some recruiting mistakes that can be rectified to improve your employee retention rates.

Increase Employee Retention by Decreasing Recruiting Mistakes

The reality of the hiring process is that sometimes, things just don’t work out.  Recruiting is very much like taking a gamble on someone.  Many recruiters liken it to the process of dating.  You go in excited, get to know someone, and make a commitment.  Except sometimes, months later, you break up.  Let’s take a look at how your recruiting team can avoid the big breakup and increase employee retention by establishing a better recruiting foundation.

Screen Your Applicants Better.  We are living in the age of information.  These days, it’s easier than ever to find out if someone has an exaggerated resume.  Wondering if your candidate actually belongs to Mensa? You can make a phone call and find out.  Wondering if your candidate has that phd in biochemistry, worked at that impressive Fortune 500 company or really volunteered with sick kids? A background check can answer all of these burning questions.  By screening an applicant better, employers can avoid the bad hire.  Using applicant screening tools, the recruiting team becomes the first line of defense in employee retention.  Find out whether your candidates are who they say they are to enhance employee retention.

Use Video Interviews to Screen Applicants. If you’re not on the video interview train, your company is missing out.  Video interviews offer interviewers unique insights that phone screens and in person interviews can’t offer.  Video interviews can offer insight into a candidate’s technical prowess, their work ethic, and their sense of responsibility.  Imagine sending a candidate an invitation to complete a 10-minute video interview.  Right away, if the candidate responds, you gain insight that you wouldn’t normally get from a phone screen.  If they jump at the chance to complete the interview, you get a sense this candidate is a responsive worker.  If they complete the interview and send it back without a problem, this communicates comfort with new technologies.  All of these benefits are without ever having viewed the candidate’s timed responses. This technology offers a wonderful way to increase employee retention by giving recruiters the ability to weed out people who wouldn’t be a skills fit or a work style fit. No phone screen can offer this kind of insight!

Take a Second Look at Overqualified Candidates.  Some recruiters just can’t think outside of the box.  When they come across an overqualified candidate, they have a tendency to reject them. Instead of passing over a great candidate and later lamenting about a bad hire, give that candidate a chance.  Overqualified candidates are often highly adaptable candidates with large diverse skill sets. These diverse skill sets can translate into big gains for your company.  Imagine finding a marketer who can code, design and pitch media. You may not have been looking for all of those skills, but attracting the overqualified candidate could mean you’re better able to cut the cord on outsourcing. Every company wants to save money while producing better outcomes, right? Overqualified candidates also help to elevate those around them.  Often, they are the first to pitch in and offer new ideas.  These ideas can help inform new company directions, inspire new processes and increase excitement. Employees crave this kind of engagement.  So increase employee retention with a superstar.

Audit Your Recruiting Process for Success

If your company is faced with high turnover, your recruiting team has an opportunity to be a change leader.  By focusing on adjusting the recruiting process, you can increase retention and create a company of engaged individuals.  Recruiters have too many tools at their disposal to hire someone that won’t work out.  Try these action items today and start recruiting better talent for your team.