“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do; it’s the thing that runs our business”- Steve Wynn.

Imagine recruitment without technology, your process is still manual, and automation is only an illusion. Paper flies from one desk to another. Your team is struggling to find the data they need and spends maximum time on trivial tasks that could otherwise be automated.

What chaos, isn’t it?

Let’s face it; you can never take the ‘human’ out of human resources. Many tasks, like creating a job description, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, etc., are done manually. But in the new age of automation, recruiters can take a breath of fresh air. Here in this blog, I am sharing a few ways to introduce automation in your recruiting process, along with the benefits and ROI of recruiting automation. Let’s jump in.

Automation in recruitment is a process that is designed to assist and enhance the hiring process at each stage of recruitment. Sharing a few insights that showcase how automation in recruitment impacts each stage of the hiring process.

1. Screening Resumes:

Manually going through every single resume and shortlisting the candidates according to their skills, experience, and qualification consumes a lot of time of recruiters. At times, HR professionals can miss out on a quality resume because of the haphazard process. To save HR professionals from this challenge, technology comes to their rescue by cutting down the lengthy task of sorting resumes. With tools like a resume parser, it becomes easy to know about a candidate. A CV parser helps in extracting data from candidates’ resumes and saves it in data fields. This will help HR professionals in the quickly shortlisting of candidates.

2. Bias-Free Recruitment:

Everyone wants to hire candidates of their own choice. To make your process bias-free, technology has designed tools so that HR professionals have the power to enable/disable fields like age, gender, etc. This will reduce bias towards the candidates. Thus, every candidate gets the same chance to apply for the opening.

3. Simplify Interview Scheduling:

Don’t you feel traditional interviews need to change? With automation, technology is introducing new concepts in interviews to facilitate a positive candidate experience. HR professionals can use bots for scheduling interviews. Bots can provide candidates with real-time access to the hiring manager’s calendar so that candidates can select specific time slots based on availability. After selecting a time slot, an automated email invite is sent to both interviewer and interviewees containing all the interview details. In this way, recruiters can easily schedule interviews according to their time.

4. Enhance Candidate Experience:

In today’s world, it is imperative to provide an excellent candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. The first step is to provide an easy job application process. Imagine if you make the candidates fill lengthy job applications, they will not take a moment to leave your website. The efficient way to provide a positive candidate experience is to create a simple and easy application form. Even recruiters can use tools on their application page that allow candidates to apply for the page with a single resume upload.

What are the ROI and Benefits of Recruiting Automation?

We use automation to improve efficiency. But there are many other numerous benefits of recruiting automation. Let’s find out.

  1. Enhance Productivity: Automation technology excels at eliminating inefficiencies from talent operations. By using recruiting automation capabilities, an organization can expect to achieve an increase in recruiting staff productivity. This will also remove manual intervention from the process.

  1. Close Jobs Quickly: As technology speeds up the recruitment process, HR professionals can fill up the vacancies in no time. With this task completed, HR professionals can concentrate on other business activities.

  1. Smart Talent Acquisition: As relevant resumes get shortlisted quickly and easily, they provide quality candidates. HR professionals do not have to waste their time on irrelevant resumes.

Automation in the recruitment process is a valuable tool for streamlining the hiring process. Leveraging automation in recruiting empowers talent acquisition and HR professionals to make the perfect hiring decisions faster by increasing efficiency across the hiring process.

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