TinTin12 / Pixabay

There’s something to be said for hiring recent college graduates. While they may not have much in the way of experience, there are other qualities that they bring to the table: New grads are hungry for achievement, bursting with ideas, and full of creative energy. It’s little wonder that so many businesses place a premium on these young workers.

At the same time, I’d urge some caution. It’s always important to be rigorous in your hiring process, and to ensure you’re finding not only promising candidates, but candidates who align well with your mission and your culture. That’s certainly the case for new graduates.

So what can your business do to attract recent grads who deliver true potential? Here are some strategies you might consider.

Hire Strategies for Recent College Grads

Start Early

Does your company offer internships or co-op experiences for current college students? If not, it’s something to consider. Not only do programs like these help you to connect with promising young talents, before other companies claim them, but it gets college students excited about working for your business.

Go Digital

Have your new graduate hire strategies been digitized? Remember that today’s new grads are “digital natives”—people who have grown up in a technology-saturated environment. At the bare minimum, you should use social media tools to recruit; ideally, you’ll have your own app developed to make online job application easy.

Be Future-Focused

New grads aren’t just looking for work. They’re looking to establish long-term careers. You can win their enthusiasm and their confidence by showing them what their future could look like at your company. Make sure you highlight promotion opportunities and employee development programs; make these central to your recruitment process.

Highlight Culture

Study after study confirms that new grads are not motivated solely by money or benefits; in fact, younger employees are motivated first and foremost by mission. Does your company have a culture that emphasizes making a difference/giving back? If so, highlight it in your recruitment efforts.

Keep it Small

Rather than thinking big, I’d encourage companies to focus on the small stuff—specifically playing up mentorship opportunities, collaboration, and the sense of community that your company fosters. Quite simply, today’s job seekers want to feel like they are part of a tight-knit team, not a giant corporate behemoth.