Are you Good Enough for Your Job?

Running a an New York executive recruiting firm, I deal with job seekers of all ages and all levels in a myriad of industries. As time passed, I’ve come to  a firm understanding that business is just like anything else in life – some individuals do very well while others struggle in their career. This executive recruiting topic is something that I’ve been studying for nearly a decade and, since that time, I have observed some interesting things about the unique characters I’ve come to know as my job seekers.

Control and Comparison

Many of those who do struggle with their career feel that success and getting the job they want is out of their control while some, regardless of how well they’re doing consistently compare themselves to someone well ahead of them (whether it be in money, job responsibility, etc.) and, from this poor logic come to the conclusion that they are no good.

They’re just thoughts, so after all how much can they affect our success at the moment? Let’s put it this way, if you’re not feeling positive about this aspect of your life, learn to be more optimistic as it will make you both more fulfilled and wealthier.

Doing so does take a bit of work, but it’s work that will benefit and enhance your way of living. Many things in life are out of our control, however successful recruitment is not one of them. So, if you want to determine whether or not you are good enough for your job, ask yourself these questions which should provide a great deal of insight.

1. If I was to take certain steps to learn more about the field in which I work, do I think I could become really good?

ken sundheim, sales recruiters"

2. Who do I really know that can do this job much better than I can? What facts (not emotions) are basing your answers my?

3. Do you feel comfortable at work or do you see yourself as someone constantly walking on eggshells? If everyone in the office is pleasant to you, then you surely can’t be doing miserable work.

4 Maybe it’s a bad day. Are you being over critical of yourself and your skills? For someone my age, running a recruitment agency, I’ve accomplished a tremendous amount, but I am sometimes overly tough on myself and will feel not at 100% when this happens.  In sports terminology, Don’t be that pitcher who just threw a no-hitter, but who can’t enjoy it due to the fact that it was not a perfect game.

In the End

Don’t ever strive just to be good at a job, rather have the ambitions to be great.