Some employers consider interviewing a job applicant as one of the most critical parts of filling a position. Yet there is also some indication that job interviews may not be all they are cracked up to be. For example, there are many applicants who interview extremely well, yet they turn out to be terrible employees. On the other hand, some job seekers would make great employees, yet because they get nervous or flustered, they lose out positions they would be great for.

In addition, while it used to be easy to stump a job candidate with a tough question, these days, many of the top interview questions are listed in books and on the internet. Even some of Google’s legendary tough interview questions and answers are available online. So if you have a savvy job seeker who studies the questions, he or she could theoretically be able to answer all the questions correctly without being the least bit capable of doing the job.

Because of these factors, some are saying that there are better ways to test a job applicant’s mettle than putting him or her through a brutal round of interviews. Here are some of them:

Spend more time checking references

All too often, employers treat checking references as an afterthought, and either don’t actually make the calls, or do it in the most perfunctory of manners. You should check multiple references not just to ask what previous employers think of the job seeker, but also to see if the job seekers’ descriptions on the resume and cover letter match up with what they actually did.

Find staffers through temp-to-perm agencies

This is a no-muss, little-fuss way. You hire an employment agency to find you qualified applicants for the job. You try one or more of them in the spot. How long you keep them in the position to test them out is up to you, This is an easy way to test

A day – or two — at the office

Have your job search finalists come in to work at the office for a day or two. Pay them, of course, and give them a short-term assignment to complete. You can not only see how they do on the assignment, but how they work with others. Some people are able to put on the happiest of happy faces in an interview, but they have a very different persona when it comes to working.

Give them a test

There are a variety of tests out there that can tell you about a would-be employee’s personality and work habits. You may also be able to come up with a test specific to your job that can winnow out some job seekers.

Take them to lunch

This is an old-school employment advice tip. You can see a lot about a person by the way they eat a meal. Do they salt their food without tasting it first? Are they rude to the waitress? Of course, a jobseeker can put on an act here, too, but they also may unwittingly show clues about their true personality.