Super Massive Black Hole

Nothing is more frustrating than applying for a role online and never hearing back. While it would be ideal if every candidate received a response and reason for rejection, this is simply not today’s reality. The sad truth is many resumes seemingly disappear into a black hole.
Below are the four top reasons why your resume did not yield a call back when applying online:

#1 You Missed the Application Window

Your best bet for a response is to apply within first 72 hours of a posting. After three days, recruiters often have enough resumes to begin their initial screenings.

#2 Your Resume is in the Company of Thousands

Now that job postings often appear on multiple career websites, expect recruiters to receive potentially thousands of responses. For this reason, only about 25% will ever even be viewed.

The truth is you need to be applying to about 100 roles a week for the strategy of just answering ads to really pay off.

#3 Long Hiring Cycle

Hiring cycles can take much longer than one might expect depending on the size of the company, how many roles require filling and even other priorities faced by the hiring manager.

It is not unheard of to receive a call as far out as six months later because your resume gets put aside!

#4 Alternative Posting Purposes

Sometimes the job is not actually available . . . for a variety of reasons. It is not uncommon for companies to test the market or post to fill EEOC requirements when a candidate has already been selected.

The Case for Expanding Your Job Search Strategy

Hopefully, the case for expanding your job search strategy to beyond online application is clear. Applying online yields a far smaller return on your investment (just 5%) where networking yields up to a 30% ROI.