colleagues discuss tips on networkingPreviously, we shared the top career tips our employees had learned or received throughout their career on work-life balance in our Advice Bytes campaign, today we take a look at what our employees are saying around the importance of building a solid and strong network.

Tip #1: Get to know your co-workers

The age old adage “it’s not what you know but who you know” was ever apparent throughout Advice Bytes submitted around the networking. One of the best ways of getting to know your co-worker is when starting out on a new on a team / intensive project, try to set up quick individual one-on-one conversations with as many of your teammates as possible to get to know them on both a personal and professional level. Some went as far as saying that getting to know your co-workers is the “best investment you can make in your career.” Another even equated your network to your net worth. So enrich your career by getting to know your co-workers.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to ask people for advice

One of the most powerful benefits of a strong network is that solid advice career and work advice is only a conversation away. Whether it be your manager, a teammate or a colleague down the desk from you at lunch, never shy away from asking advice about how to grow your career or even on how to eat healthier during lunch. Most people will be more than willing to help out and give you the best advice they can offer. So listen, learn and have fun by always asking your co-workers for advice.

Tip #3: Be curious

Possessing a curious mentality was one of key advice bytes on networking. Always ask questions to discover what amazing things others are doing. A simple description of how a software engineer resolves a programing issue could provide valuable insight for a marketing director finalizing a go-to-market plan. All of your colleagues are so bright and knowledgeable and some of the most profound and powerful learning opportunities can result from asking just some basic questions. Be a curious sponge – ask and absorb.

Our employees offered some brilliant bytes of advice on how to effectively network. They recommend to get know your co-workers on a personal and professional basis, never to shy away from asking for advice and to curiously ask questions.

Make sure to check out our next blog on advice bytes our employees offered around the power of respect. Also, keep your eyes open for an upcoming infographic that will contain nearly 100 bytes of career advice from our employees.