For the interviewee, the sales recruiting firm at KAS have compiled a list of tough interviewing questions and answers. While our recruiters suggest that you interview with nothing but honesty and integrity, here are some common questions and answers.

1. Q: Will You Be Looking to Take My Job?

“No. Rather I would rather learn under you and, upon being successful make you successful enough to get a promotion and, through my hard work earn my way forward in an honest manner with the organization.”

2. What If You Work Here for 5 Years and Don’t Get Promoted?

“First, I think after the first year or so, I would ask for consistent feedback so I knew where I stand. If it were an outside force such as the company not having enough money , then there is nothing to be done about it, however if it lay in my performance, I would do my very best to improve upon the job to make the contribution necessary. I’m less concerned with promotions at this point and more focused on producing.”

3. Q: What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

“Perfectionism which takes away from total performance sometimes because I find myself becoming fixated on the details and, on occasion I have to take a step back and look at the overall picture and take action accordingly.”

4. Q: Why Did You Leave Your Current Company?

“Sales representatives are too important for a company to leave the sales to just anyone hoping that it will get better, but you can’t expect things to get better by taking the same actions. “Insanity is the action of doing the same thing and expecting results.” (Albert Einstein)

There could be more collaboration and forward progress within the organization. People could be more autonomous and sometimes this prevents the competitive edge over other firms in our space.

Lately, there has been little progress within the company. The drive for progress arises from a deep human urge to explore, create, to discover, to achieve, to improve and I wish that were, but it’s been fading as of late. The level of commitment to the goal is the big difference and people have lost site of client service. Sometimes, I’ll be handling problems more than I am making new solutions.

When there are problems at a company, management can’t sweep them under the rug; in my opinion problems can’t go away until you come to terms and identify what they are. There are two main ways to deal with pessimism and that starts from the top with figuring out alternatives, instilling confidence, open collaboration and constant improvement. Pessimistic atmospheres won’t make as much money.”


5. Q: What Are You Looking for in Your Next Job?

“Rather than focusing on a product or service or even the size of the company, I am looking to align myself with an organization that is forward-thinking, appreciates their employees, encourages collaboration and rewards for individual performance. If given that, I could thrive.”

6. Q: What Are Your Biggest Strengths?

“The traits that I typically leverage when going for a particular achievement are my intelligence, my work ethic, my ability to work in a team environment, my resiliency and the ability to overcome hurdles while doing my best to remain optimistic.”

7. Q: How Many Hours a Week Do You Plan to Work?

“I am less an hour person, rather I feel it’s best to go on results. So, if it takes 40 hours to accomplish my goals, that’s great. If it takes 70, than that’s part of the job. Hours without execution mean little.”

8. Q: Do You Consider Yourself Successful?

“I do. I don’t consider myself where I want to be, but I am content where I am right now, though will not be content if I am at the same place tomorrow. Relatively, I think about my successes and learn from my failures.”

9. Q: Tell Me About Yourself?

There are a few answers to this question, however our recruiters have listed a few for you to look over on your next interview:

“I would describe myself as passionate, hard working, optimistic, team oriented and as someone who wants to be a success in life.”

“Someone who is resilient and can work under pressure.”

“Someone who likes to learn – can understand their target market and grow both professionally and personally.”

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