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It’s December and the holidays are fast approaching. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Yule, or any other holiday, it’s great to get into the spirit and. Here are 8 ways to improve employee engagement this season.

1. Set up holiday decorations.

Depending on what your employees celebrate, spread some seasonal cheer by adding decorations to the workplace. If you are not sure what your employees celebrate, or if you are worried about misrepresenting your employees or their holidays, try generic winter-themed decorations. It’s a wonderful way to spread cheer with some string lights and snowflakes lining the walls.

2. Encourage taking time for the family

Almost all your employees will have friends and family waiting for them at home. No one wants to be in the workplace when their families are spending quality time together without them. Allow your employees to head home early a few days this season so they can create those lasting memories.

December and homemade cookies just go hand in hand. Set up a bakeoff where employees enter their cookies to be judged and the winner gets a prize! This not only creates a chance for employees to be social, but there are cookies involved! How can you go wrong here?!

4. Revamp your employee recognition program

At the end of the year, it’s easy to get caught up in so many different things. However, the tried and true recognition program is still there to help you improve company culture. Simply send out a holiday-themed email blast to your managers and employees and encourage a community of recognition!

5. Make sure all lights are working

This may seem odd, but insufficient lighting can be a mood and productivity influencer this time of year. During the summer, it’s easy to ignore florescent lightbulbs that have gone out because it’s usually bright during the workday. However, as the days get shorter and your employees are in the office after dark, it quickly becomes noticeable how dark the office is. Make sure your employees have proper lighting to maximize attention and engagement during the workday.

6. Hold a Secret Santa, White Elephant, or Polyanna

Set up a signup sheet for everyone who wants to participate in a holiday gift exchange. Set a spending limit (usually $20 is enough) and the exchange date. Collect the gifts the day of or the day before and enjoy the cheer that comes from silly exchanges like this.

7. Volunteer at a charity

One of the absolute best ways to improve engagement around the office is by participating in a community volunteer or charity event. When giving back to the community, people feel a sense of goodness with extends to their personal interactions. This charity event could be collecting gifts for underprivileged children, gathering cans for a food drive, working at the local soup kitchen, or anything you come up with. Your employees will go home at the end of the day feeling warm inside, knowing they did good for their community.

8. Communicate company goals

If you do not regularly communicate your company goals to your employees, this holiday season is a great time to do so. Communicating goals is an easy way to show your employees just how their role fits into the big picture. When employees are aware of big goals, they make better decisions and work more efficiently in order to better contribute towards those goals. Discuss how you met or did not meet milestones for this year and how you can improve for the next year. After all, new years is a chance to make new resolutions!