Myths and Facts opposition.Employees are just as important to a business as the products and services being sold. This is why it’s so vital to carry out effective recruitment tactics. Surprisingly, it is possible to segment potential workers based on certain characteristics and specifics. Here’s a quick look at few myths about employee recruitment that prevent you from finding the best workers.

Myth #1: The best employees will come to you

If only! Wouldn’t that make life easy? Occasionally an ideal employee might discover your company, but generally, the best workers have no problem securing a job. This is why you want to recruit them.

Myth #2: Only big businesses should recruit workers

It doesn’t matter if your company employees five or 5,000 employees, each worker influences the overall success of your company. When you don’t take the time to recruit quality workers, you end up with employees who don’t know how to provide top-notch outcomes. This, of course, leads to poor performance, inefficiencies, and a drop in your profit.

Myth #3: Not every position requires recruiting

You might think that the janitor position isn’t worth carrying employing recruitment strategies. Think again! All positions should be carefully evaluated. If there is a role within your company that needs to be filled, take time to recruit a worker who can fill the role with the utmost effectiveness and efficiency. Not only does this decrease overhead, it also boosts productivity and profits.

Myth #4: Employee recruitment is too time consuming

Did you know that using employee recruitment software can fill positions before they become open? This means all applicants are unbiasedly compared according to your desired preferences, and the software shows you which applicants are best suited for each position within your company.

Myth #5: Recruiting software can do all the work for you

While recruitment software is of benefit, keep in mind that software isn’t human. It doesn’t have your intuition. After evaluating the applicants, if your hunch suggests a certain candidate, carefully consider the role of your intuition. Your instincts can be spot on.

Myth #6: Employee recruitment scares away applicants

Many small businesses believe a recruitment process scares away applicants who are potentially good workers. On the contrary! Talented individuals expect to go through a recruitment process. And, most times, a recruitment process significantly simplifies hiring for your HR department and the applicants. (Tweet this)

Myth #7: Quality workers are too hard to find

If you’ve had trouble recruiting quality workers in the past, rest assured—good employees are out there. You simply need to let them know you’re looking for them. This involves posting on social media, marketing the position on your company website and job boards, and through good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising.

Myth #8: Employee recruitment is ineffective

Employee recruitment is effective, regardless of what you’ve heard in the past. In fact, Jobvite found a 49 percent improvement in the quality of applicants when using social media employee recruitment tactics. Unbridled Talent discovered over 300 million job searches conducted each month. Recruiting employees is effective when using the Internet properly.

The Takeaway

If you consider implementing employee recruitment strategies, take comfort in knowing your efforts will net good results. From a reduction in employee turnover to enhanced customer service, employee recruitment takes your company to the next level of success. MJ Management Solutions, Inc. can provide HR solutions that ensure your recruiting strategies succeed.