Many workers nowadays have a difficult time getting a raise at their job. It can be frustrating to work very hard and never see an increase in your pay.

Here are 7 tips on how to increase your chances of getting a raise.

#1. Come in early or leave late

Make it a habit to come into your office before your boss does. When your boss comes into the office, make sure he sees that you are there. If you can’t come in early then when your boss leaves at night, tell your boss your going to stay and do some more work. Your manager will take notice of this.

#2. Volunteer

Always volunteer to take on new assignments. Let it be known in the office that you are the “go to person” when things need done. Again this will enhance your reputation especially with your boss.

#3. Make your boss’s job easier

Most of the time your manager is swamped with many responsibilities. When your not that busy offer to help your boss on some assignments. Let your manager know that he can turn to you when he needs help.

#4. Ask and watch your boss’s reaction

Once you establish a good reputation at work, you can casually ask about your raise situation. When you do this, watch your manager’s initial reaction. This is important because the way he responds to your question is very important in the long term. If he gets upset and huffy, then more than likely you won’t ever get a raise. If he smiles and is polite, this will let you know that your boss is open to the idea. Get a feel on how your manager answers your questions and watch his facial expressions and tone of voice.

#5. Be aware of how things work

Always learn how the pay structure works in your department. Ask Human Resources or Payroll and inquire about how the pay rate structures work. Talk to you friends and see if any of them got a raise. Unfortunately many places just don’t give out raises. Try to find out if this is the case where you work.

#6. What is best for you

If nothing seems to work, then you need to determine if its better to stay where you are at or go somewhere else.Some people might choose to say where they are at and others may decide that its time to move on. Either case, determine what works best for you in this situation.

#7. Be smart and don’t rush into anything

Obviously if you find a company that will double your salary, it would be best to go work for that company. If another company is willing to give you a twenty cent raise, you might want to consider if its worth changing jobs for. Money is not the only main benefit of working at a company. Look at the whole picture and determine what will make you happy and go from there.