Seeking out for a job? Tired of being rejected at your dream job every time? Whether you like it or not, the truth is that employers will use the modern techniques possible to get the best candidate to fill a job position. And psychometric assessments are one of the techniques that are being used by most companies to optimize their recruitment process but these tests do quite the reverse for the applicants.

Psychometric assessments are used by employers to get an all-round view of your personality to know whether you are the right candidate or not. These tests measure the mental abilities of an individual which, with no doubt, are necessary to perform better at a particular job.

So, if you are bored with giving psychometric assessments for a job and things do not seem to be working out in your favor, here are 7 steps to overcome psychometric tests and get your dream job:

1. Know What Employer Is Looking For

Before applying for a job, always know what an employer is looking for in a candidate. Generally, a candidate with required skills set and experience is not what employers and recruiters look for.

Employers want a candidate with intelligence, cognitive abilities, working style, and motivation level along with skills. Psychometric tests allow employers and recruiters to get into your mind and know about your personality. This way, they get to see if you possess those qualities they are looking for.

So before taking the test, always ask your recruiter or hiring manager about the traits right candidate must have.

2. Know the difference between psychometric assessments and other assessment

One of the mistakes applicant make while preparing for a psychometric test is confusing it with other assessments. They assume that if they were good at Maths in high school or if they can read English fast, they will top the psychometric assessments but it is quite the contrary. These tests are designed in such a way that provides a standardized score of your mental abilities and intelligence. So, it is important to separate them from other assessments.

3. Get A Good Working Environment

It is very important for the applicant to think rationally while he is giving the psychometric test. Stay calm and try to breathe slowly and deeply. Always get plenty of sleep at night before the test. Don’t be panic during the test as this will likely ruin your performance. This way, you can focus on your test and produce better results.

4. Familiarize Yourself With The Test Format

Psychometric tests have two main tests within themselves and familiarizing yourself with the format and types of questions asked can help you a lot in scoring well in these tests. A Psychometric test includes aptitude test which measures your intelligence, reasoning skills, and verbal skills and generally consists of multiple-choice questions. Another part of the psychometric test is the personality test which, as the name suggest, determines the personality of an individual and generally consists of questions related to feeling or emotions and situations.

5. Brush Up Your Basic Skills

Read a newspaper or any other informational book related to your job to perform better in the verbal ability test. Practice basic Maths such as percentages, ratios, interests and other calculations to polish your mathematical skill which will open up your mind. Memorizing graphs and 3D images will give you additional benefits in the aptitude test.

6. Practice The Psychometric Tests Online.

There are many sites which provide the psychometric test online to help students, teachers, and employees. Practice more and more test online keeping in mind the time limit just as the real test. Preparing and practicing before the actual test is crucial to perform better in the psychometric test. This way, you will get familiar with the pattern and framework of these psychometric tests.

7. Don’t Cheat

Almost all companies who utilize psychometric tests in the recruitment process take these tests online nowadays. No doubt, this makes it easier for the organizations as well as the applicants but there runs a risk of cheating. Getting a friend who is good at reasoning to give your test sure does seem smart but it fails every time as recruiters usually take a two minutes of test during the interview to make sure that you were the only one giving online test. Be honest and play by the rules you have been provided by the organization.


The psychometric test can be easily scored well if you have prepared well and holds deep knowledge about psychometric testing. It is just like going to a war with the best piece of armor. The only way of performing well in any assessment is – practice, practice, and practice.