7 Smart Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

There’s no gainsaying that employees need to be at their best to produce great results at work. That’s why organizations are constantly exploring new ways to help their employees stay productive all year round.

It’s quite normal for employees to experience dips in their performances due to factors like stress, personal problems and organizational gaffes. However, it’s the duty of every manager to help employees get their grooves back in order to achieve the set goals.

So if you’re looking to get the best out of your employees, you should put in place certain measures that would boost their productivity levels. Here are 7 smart ways to do that without losing a drop of sweat.

  1. Set realistic goals

It is obvious that goal setting plays a central role in achieving productivity at work. But these goals have to be clearly defined and realistic. Realistic goals are not determined by how complex they are. Rather, they should be assigned based on priority and time-bound.

According to Brian Tracy, “your subconscious mind uses deadlines as forcing systems to drive you, consciously and unconsciously toward achieving your goal on schedule. If your goal is big enough, set sub-deadlines.”

  1. Create a sense of ownership

Every employee must be made to take ownership of all issues in their buckets. This attitude will create a sense of accountability, allowing them to focus on the most important aspects of their jobs.

However, you must realize that employees don’t take ownership when they’re treated like employees. In other words, you should create a sense of belonging for each and every team member, make them feel valued, and make the system as transparent as possible.

  1. Provide an outstanding reward system

There’s a popular cliché that the reward for hard work is more work. But then employees need more than just work to stay on top of their game. You’d be surprised at how much impact a small gift card can make. This has nothing to do with the monetary value attached to the gift but the feeling that their efforts are being appreciated.

Other ways to reward employees include thank you notes, recognition awards, opportunities to advance, training opportunities and free valuable services. This method works like magic.

  1. Operate a virtual office

Operating a virtual office or having a remote workforce would definitely increase your organization’s productivity. Recent findings show that 56% of entrepreneurs and managers of small businesses are using virtual office technology, spending less time in shifts or working from their conventional desktop.

The advantages of going virtual are quite numerous. They include lower equipment and installation cost, good communication network, and all-round accessibility. On the part of employees, virtual offices provide flexibility and freedom, reduces stress of commuting and increase morale. So it’s not the question of whether or not running a virtual office really boosts productivity, it’s a question of why you’re not yet leveraging it.

  1. Empower them

Employees love it when they’re empowered. In fact a sizeable percentage of workers often cite lack of empowerment as reason for quitting their jobs.

Typically, empowering your employees involves training them to work independently without being micro-managed, appreciating their contributions and innovations, encouraging self-improvement, and presenting new challenges and opportunities. With this kind of atmosphere, employees will feel more engaged at work and might even exceed expectations.

  1. Invest in the right tools

Have you ever wondered how tedious it would be if Amazon or Walmart employees have to track inventory level, take orders, and handle sales and delivery manually? To be able to handle the millions of orders which they get on a daily basis, they need sophisticated inventory management software.

The truth is that no matter how hardworking employees might be, they need the right tools to complement their efforts. Providing the right tools simplifies the work process and ensures that employees get prompt and accurate results. Again, it increases efficiency and prevents early burnout. Thus workers can work productively and keep customers happy.

  1. Make work fun

Today, most organizations have realized that adding a bit of fun to the wok space can boost the productivity level of employee. An ideal workplace should be a delight to workers such that they’re always eager to resume to work every morning.

Normally employees do have twenty minutes or thereabout to observe power naps. But you could make it fun by allowing them bring their mats. You could also create a yoga room for the yogis among employees, just as smokers have designated areas in the work place to smoke.

Allow them to decorate their individual workspaces with inspiring quotes, pictures and other decors. This has the power to sustain the positive mood and energy that are required to focus on their tasks.

Lastly, it goes without saying that these tips are not just mere speculations. They’re capable of producing great results regarding employee productivity. Because in the end, you’ll realize that only a productive workforce is capable of meeting organizational goals, and ultimately increasing Return on Investment.