We are on our way into the New Year and usually around this time, companies are advertising new posts. Unfortunately, it seems like we have not learned from the mistakes of 2016. Recruiters are cringing at the same old clichés and phrases used in new applications. Come on people, it is time to catch on and realise that these lines can cost you the opportunity to get an interview. There are specific words to use on a cv and then there are words to not use. We are urging you to stop using resume cliches because it shows you are stuck in the past and not moving forward. We will list some clichés one last time in order for you to understand how detrimental they can be.

  1. Proficiency in the Microsoft Package

Well in this day and age even my 5 year old can navigate her way through Microsoft Word. If you believe this is an achievement of some sort, you must have been stuck in the dark ages for a tad too long. This is expected on most breathing individuals these days so I think mentioning it is just a waste of effort. We have computer classes at most schools now so it is no longer a ‘College Beginner Course”.

  1. Strong communicator

What do you really mean by that? Does it mean you can talk ‘strongly’? Does it perhaps mean you know when to keep quiet? This phrase seems to have no way of checking if you really have this skill. Even if you did, we would not be able to recognise it. This is one of those time wasting phrases that impresses no one so come up with something better. You could use this space to mention some work-related goals you achieved or a project you nailed. That would impress a recruiter.

  1. Team player

Unless you are applying to become a sports player, this one is really not worth mentioning. If you are applying for a job where team work is necessary, you should be able to work in a team. This will be proven once you get the job. You made all the effort to search through a host of jobs finding sites and all you can come up with is ‘Team player”? You are smarter than that. How about writing “I managed a team of 20 individuals through a restructuring process”? Sounds better, right?

  1. Work well on my own

This one is especially annoying if you also have point 3 on your resume. This just seems like you are so desperate to get the job. So you will work in a team, by yourself or spin around. Do not be so random. If you feel like you can do both, just do not mention it. If the job requires it of you, the fact that you applied says you are in agreement with the job requirements.

  1. Customer care expert

You should be a customer care expert if you mention it or not. Any company expects their staff to treat their customers like gold. This is not a skill, it’s just normal company practice. Unless you bought a customer a Bentley, you need not mention how nice you are to customers.

  1. Go-getter

This one is so over used, it’s hilarious to still see it on a resume. People, you need to state exactly what you can and cannot do. What does go-getter mean? There are qualified individuals coming forward every single day and you have to be a little more specific if you want to get into the interview room.

  1. Go-to-person

If you are busy being a go-to-person, when are you going to actually get your work done. You could have said so much more than using this excuse of a phrase. Imagine this is your phrase on your resume and someone else use the same space to write “Managed the company’s budget for 10 years”. Do you see what I mean? You have to be specific and wow the recruiter instead of bore them.

We hope this helps you when writing your next resume. There are so many people looking for jobs right now and you can no longer get away with these outdated clichés and phrases. There is a trend right now with how resumes are put together and it would be unacceptable if you are not up to date with the latest trends. Stand out from the pile of resumes on a recruiter’s desk by using unique and detailed points on your next job application.