The point of mythology or myth is to point to the horizon and to point back to ourselves: This is who we are; this is where we came from; and this is where we’re going.” – J. Michael Straczynski

According to Genesis 1:27, God created mankind in his own image, and as I look around, I see the truth in this statement. The reason why mythology has never ceased to amaze me is because it has never been only about the glorious and mesmerizing stories of the deities. Mythological stories are grander depictions of our lives and in some way or the other, all of us carry certain features or characteristics similar to our creators.

This connection between the Divine and us is probably most prominent in Greek mythology. After all, traditional stories of Greece present some of the most intriguing and relatable symbolism in all of ancient literature. And just like we humans, gods and goddesses of Greek mythology have their fair share of troublemakers among them too.

I’m not here to talk about the personal front as preferences vary from one person to another. In a professional life, however, there are certain rules and laws everyone needs to abide by. And as you need to be at your smartest as well as your productive best, it is better to avoid colleagues that carry the traits of the infamous Greek deities.

So who are these Greek gods and goddesses you need to be wary of in your professional life?

1. Ares – God of War

Ares the Greek God of War

Ares in Greek Mythology: Ares is the god of conflict and war… I mean, the uncontrollable and violent aspect of war. He is the embodiment of an insatiable and overwhelming thirst for destruction and slaughter.

Ares as a Colleague: Ares as a colleague is the high-tempered and impatient one. He has zero tolerance when it comes to mistakes. And he is always ready to pick a fight and win at all costs, even when there is nothing valid or necessary to win.

2. Dionysus – God of Wine

Dionysus Greek God of wine

Dionysus in Greek Mythology: Dionysus is the creator of wine and he pretty much stayed glued to his creation. He did nothing more than seeking pleasure in instant gratification.

Dionysus as a Colleague: Dionysus, as a colleague, is the one who is too much into booze and late-night parties. He needs no solid reason to start planning for the festivities. And above all, he succeeds in convincing everyone to join him, which eventually wastes a lot of valuable productive time.

3. Aphrodite – Goddess of Beauty

Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love

Aphrodite in Greek Mythology: Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. So, you can very well understand that she is the most beautiful deity and the prime object of desire.

Aphrodite as a Colleague: Aphrodite, as a colleague, is the one who is aware of her good looks and knows very well how to use it. Flirty and a fashionista, she is a major source of attraction. Her enticing aura, however, usually wavers the focus and distracts people who are a little soft at heart.

4. Hermes – God of Thieves

Hermes Greek God of Thieves

Hermes in Greek Mythology: Hermes is a miscreant, mischief-maker, and the King of all thieves. Moreover, he is quite smart at both sneaking out of sticky situations and convincing of his innocence.

Hermes as a Colleague: Hermes, as a colleague, is the one who steals other’s ideas and takes credit for all the good work. He is a smart player and is quick to gain the trust of his colleagues. But when time comes, he won’t even blink an eye in claiming your plans to be his own brainchild.

5. Hypnos – God of Sleep

Hypnos Greek God of Sleep

Hypnos in Greek Mythology: Hypnos is the god of sleep, and he is a pretty unpredictable one. While on one hand he can bring rest and dreams, he can also make people doze off at inappropriate moments on the other hand.

Hypnos as a Colleague: Hypnos, as a colleague, is the one whose mantra is “less work and more sleep”. He doesn’t fail to take a quick nap at his desk when no one is watching. And when he starts doing it effectively, it’s tempting for others to try it. Resist and help yourself with some caffeine instead!

6. Nemesis – Goddess of Revenge

Nemesis Goddess of Revenge

Nemesis in Greek Mythology: Nemesis is the goddess of revenge and retribution. Whenever anything good happens, Nemesis comes in and creates a balance by pouring in some back luck. And this is why she is revered more than she is worshiped.

Nemesis as a Colleague: Nemesis, as a colleague, is basically your adversary and arch-rival. She derives fun by the mere act of neither acknowledging your presence nor your work. Her main agenda is to bring you down, as she always feels that you do not deserve the place you are in and the praise you get.

7. Hades – God of the Underworld

Hades God of the Underworld

Hades in Greek Mythology: Hades is one of the three supreme Olympian gods, and the ruler of the underworld and the lost souls. Charming and mysterious on the surface, Hades also has an extremely evil side which he can unleash to reach his goals.

Hades as a Colleague: Hades, as a colleague, is the guy you need to be most careful about. Underneath the friendly and smiling faces, however, it is impossible to know which one of them turns out to be Hades deep inside. It is okay to support your colleagues and be friendly with them, but do not trust anyone blindly. You can never tell when Hades is preparing to stab you on the back.


If you are a veteran in your job life, I’m sure that you have come face-to-face with all these 7 gods and goddesses more than once. And you have already learnt how to tackle them in your own unique ways. But if you have just started your professional life, you need to heed the advises, notice the signs and stay as far away as possible from the potential miscreants.