Showing appreciation to hardworking employees should be a priority for all employers; after all, happy employees make productive workers. Oftentimes, employers place a lot of emphasis on finding the right gifts for clients, but employees deserve just as much if not more dedication. Peruse these office-appropriate gifts and show your employees how much their hard work is appreciated.

1. A Comprehensive Present

Instead of seeking out individual presents for everyone, make it easy on yourself by purchasing a group present for the office. The best ideas for this include bonding activities in which your workers can enjoy themselves while building up a better sense of camaraderie. Take a look at a website like to find adventure opportunities that the whole office could get involved in.

2. Updates to the Office

Practical presents are always welcomed, especially in an office setting, and there are many ways you can spruce up your employees’ work space. Maybe it’s a new television in the break room where they can kick back during their lunch hour and come back to their desk refreshed. Perhaps it’s a delivery of ergonomic chairs to make sure their backs are getting the support they need during those long work days. You might also consider installing some entertainment features that will make your employees enjoy coming to work. Perhaps it’s a ping pong table in the cafeteria, or a horseshoe setup outside on the company lawn. Tweaking your office will not only impress your employees—it will also bode well for any visiting clients.

3. Include the Family

Consider buying gifts that will benefit not only your employees, but also their families. Maybe it’s tickets to an upcoming event in your town, or perhaps it’s a gift card to a trendy restaurant everyone wants to try out. Some bosses have even gone the extra mile to offer subscriptions to recipe delivery companies like Blue Apron to ensure their employees and their families have food for the week. Consider your budget then browse local events or venues that would be family-friendly; a pack of tickets to an amusement park are a considerate splurge, and a stack of movie tickets will be an inexpensive but much-appreciated way to help your employee enjoy their family time when they’re away from the office.

4. Fun Deliveries

The work weeks can get monotonous, so bring back a little cheer into the office by scheduling weekly deliveries of fun surprises you know your employees will appreciate. Maybe it’s a weekly lunch delivery on Fridays from a local lunch hotspot, or a subscription to a cookie company like The Cravory. Maybe it’s a flower delivery to keep the office looking bright, or even a snacking subscription to something like Graze. You know your employees best, so consider the surprises they would most appreciate and make it happen.

5. A Paid Vacation

Beyond a bonus, most employees would respond with paid vacation time when prompted for gift ideas from their employers. If your business’s work schedule can handle it, offer extra paid vacation days to employees who have been working hard. This enables them to spend time with their family and more properly achieve a work/life balance, and offering this incentive will definitely have your employees working hard to ensure all of their assignments and projects get done in record time.

6. Incentives for Health

If your employees are health-focused, offer a free gym membership through the company that they can utilize. This will save them a lot of money, and employers can often access deals through local gyms by promising a certain number of new members. Plus, healthier employees translates into less sick days taken, as well as less spent in long-term health care costs, so it’s a positive for both parties.

7. Tech Gifts

Find tech items that are practical and desired for your workforce. If your employees enjoy listening to music or podcasts while they complete their work, consider purchasing them subscriptions to their favorite streaming services. Whether it’s Spotify or Pandora, offering your employees memberships to this type of service will help them remain productive. If you offer company phones, upgrade your employee’s devices and provide them with iPhone cases from Touch of Modern. Keeping your gifts work-related will improve office productivity but remain thoughtful—the perfect balance for an employee gift.

If you’re on the hunt for appropriate gifts for your employees, consider these options. These office-approved presents are guaranteed to show your appreciation for your employees’ hard work and serve as further incentive.