According to a study by Robert Walters, 85% of employers say that developing company diversity is becoming a priority.

Apart from the social aspect of acceptance, inclusion, and promotion of equal opportunity, it reaps more rewards to the organization than you might think.

Benefits of Promoting Company Diversity in the Workplace

First of all, it increases employer branding, which is a determining factor in how people see your company as having a great working environment that they would want to join. This is useful in attracting passive candidates, especially!

Second, having a strong company diversity perpetuates a healthy workplace that encourages equality for all without the discrimination of gender, ethnicity, age, handicaps etc. This greatly generates a positive mindset and aptitude for work, which boosts productivity by a mile.

Third, it drives innovation among employees which helps the company move forward. 73% of employees believe that it’s a good way of unleashing creativity and engaging discussion which results in a fruitful output to optimize the recruitment system.

6 Ways to Advocate Company Diversity through Your Recruitment System

Having a global workplace unlocks untapped potential that goes beyond borders– beyond the standards that we’re used to confining in a single geographical area. The question now is how do you do it.

1. Reassess branding

Revisit your company values. Does your brand promote diversity? If it doesn’t, you need to start reassessing because it should be one of your cores.

Everything starts from the inside out, so instilling open diversity can eventually lead to just policy-making, fair employee treatment, and many more.

2. Source candidates across multiple channels to build diverse teams

Of course, to be able to have a diverse workforce, you shouldn’t be limited to just one region. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize that remote hiring is possible and companies should integrate it to their hiring practices.

We talked about remote hiring before, and it’s clear that it can bring a significant impact to the business. Recruiters can do this using the right tech tools and software.

When you seed your posts on multiple mediums, it’s possible to reach more candidates anywhere in the world varying in background, lifestyle, and culture.

3. Implement diversity recruiting strategies

There are various strategies that you can do as a recruiter to bolster diversity.

First and foremost, start small by simply defining employment quota. These can be in different forms such as racial quota, gender quota, and so forth.

The whole HR team should take a good look at the existing work environment and make a calculated arrangement on what kind of people are needed to improve the business. Be as specific as possible. Does the marketing team need more of a women perspective? Do you want the employment male-to-female ratio to be equal? There are so many elements to justify.

Another concrete example can be blind recruitment. It is a form of hiding personal information about the candidates such as age, location, and educational background. It can even be name-blind where recruiters do not disclose names to hiring managers so nothing can influence their decision aside from their skills and experience.

A great ATS recruitment software like Manatal can help you do this. You can modify the type of information you want to receive on applications easily with just a few clicks.

4. Highlight diversity in your career page

The main function of a career page is to land more applications for job vacancies, but did you know it’s also effective for highlighting diversity?

A career page is your way of marketing your brand. Aside from receiving suitable candidates, it can be a means of advocating what your company stands for and what people can expect from working there. Give a pleasant candidate experience by ensuring that you encourage inclusivity and equality right from the get-go.

In your job description, add a section where you share your company culture. Take note of little details (i.e. using inclusive descriptions), so that everyone who reads your page can relate and feel welcome.

5. Training employees to practice inclusion

Of course, it will also help if you educate yourself and the entire employees about it, too. Some things need to be taught and a proper training program will help.

There are plenty of diversity training program resources available online and offline. You should tailor lesson plans based on the number of employees in your organization, type of business, and other factors.

6. Consider employee benefits properly

As recruiting professionals, you also have the say in this as much as the management. Make employee benefits as fair as possible. All workers should be treated equally and disregard any prejudice and discrimination.

This is a strong action that will earn you big respect from everyone in the entire corporate chain, thus improving employer branding. This branding can go a long way and attract talents across the globe; making your company an internationally-recognized workplace.

Indeed, the world is becoming more globalized now, and so should your company. Break the barriers, and it will let you reach untapped potential like never before.

There are several ways you can go about it. It’s all a matter of in-depth research, carefully optimizing the recruitment system, and putting all plans into action using the right leadership style and modern technology.

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