While many young people choose a career based on the pay, job responsibilities, or prestige, others specifically choose their line of work in hopes of working for a brand they love. Whether you have dreams of working for Nike, Disney, Facebook, Google, or even a local company, there are a few skills that will make you an irresistible hire for employers. While every company has specific standards and requirements for hiring employees, attaining the proper skills will help you appear to be “the whole package” to potential employers. If you have big plans of working with a brand you use, admire, or respect, the skills below will help turn you into the perfect employee for the brand of your dreams.

Find a Niche You’re Passionate About

While you want to be able to show future employers that you have many skills, it is helpful to find one area of focus that you are really good at, and passionate about as well. You must find a balance between looking like a one-trick pony, and the employee that is trying too hard by being interested in absolutely everything. Finding a niche that you are passionate about and skilled in will put you a notch above other applicants by making you memorable. If you are truly passionate about the industry or a facet of the company, your enthusiasm will come through during the interview. Regardless of whether your niche talent or interest correlates perfectly with the job you are applying for, employers are always looking for passion and drive among applicants.

Research Your Dream Companies

Perhaps you’ve had dreams of working for your favorite company, you buy all their products, and follow them on social media. However, understanding the business side of a brand is much more than buying their merchandise and being their friend on Facebook. If you walk into an interview knowing as much about the company as the average Joe, it looks like you just need a job—not like you are dying to work for this specific company. Research all of your dream companies and brands thoroughly before submitting your resume or application for an available position. Do research on the company’s financial standings, their current marketing campaigns, their CEO and executives, and any current promotions or partnerships. The more you know about your dream brand, the easier it is to relate personally to potential hiring managers or employers who are seeking out new individuals to join their team. Plus, you’ll be able to discuss the company on a deeper level during the interview, which will show the employer that you’ve done your homework before meeting with them.

Learn to Work with the Media

Working with public relations is also essential, especially for some of the top tier companies today. According to the professionals at Kent State University who offer a masters in public relations, understanding how to handle both positive and negative press is another positive skill to have in any workplace, regardless of the position you have. Working with PR includes promoting positivity for your brand and understanding how to communicate with clients using a variety of tools along with local and online resources. Whether you know how to handle negative online feedback, or news stories that cast a dark shadow over the company, knowing how the media works and how to deal with them will impress a potential employer. Stay up to date with the public relations practices of your favorite brands, and how they interact with the media—bringing this up in an interview will impress the employer.

Innovative Thinking and an Open Mind

Maintaining open-mindedness and an innovative attitude is also necessary when working for the most popular brands around the world. Having the ability to think outside of the box while creating brands that stand out is essential for most hiring managers when seeking out new employees and team members. Even if a company has an “old school” approach for doing business, most managers and owners that a business needs new ideas, methods, and products if they want to keep up with the competition and survive. Whether you possess innovative, cutting edge skills, or you are a brainstorming pro, showing the employer that you are dedicated to helping the company evolve and succeed will help you rise in the rankings. Many employers will ask interviewees why they think they would be an asset to the company—don’t just mumble in response that you are a hard worker. Have solid ideas for improvement for the company, and show that you have an open mind, and will use innovative thinking to help the company keep up with competition and become an industry leader.

Brush Up on Tech Skills

Brushing up on tech skills is also necessary in most of the larger and innovative companies available today. Knowing your way around a computer, understanding programming languages, designing and even having the ability to develop applications can help you to quickly find positions in some of the leading brands on the market. Even if the job you are applying for isn’t considered a “tech” job, these skills are in such high demand that they will make you look more appealing when applying for any job. If you aren’t as tech-savvy as you’d like to be, you can learn more about websites, code, and online marketing with tutorials on sites like Codecademy and W3Schools. Luckily, in our day and age there is a website that has tools and resources for learning the basics of almost any technical skill, so you can teach yourself and learn from home in your free time.

While you can’t be all things to all employers, showing that you are a well-rounded, passionate worker, will make you a memorable candidate in prospective employer’s minds. Some employers are turned off by people-pleasers, but by showing that you’ve done your research and that you are deeply interested in working for their company (not just looking to land any job), you’ll have a better chance of winning them over. Play to your strengths and look to develop talents in your weaker areas. It is best to leave no stone unturned when it comes to anticipating employers expectations.