There are many advantages to being a small to medium sized enterprise – you have overall control over your business, products, and interaction with customers. Many SMEs want to grow and expand their business, but find that they come up against barriers.

Virtual receptionists provide remote services such managing calls, email, and customer service, and are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to in-house receptionists. They provide vital assistance to SMEs that enable them to concentrate on evolving their business.

We have looked at some of the main problems SMEs face; problems that hold them back from developing their business, and outlined how virtual receptionists can provide a solution.

My business is small but I want to attract larger clients 

If you were to hire personal assistants and receptionists for your premises, or for key members of staff, it would cause an unnecessary strain on your financial resources. Virtual receptionists have the ability to take on this workload in a consistent and professional manner, giving others the impression that your company is larger than it actually is.

I don’t have the resources to expand 

If you are looking to hire an in-house receptionist or secretary, you need to take into account wages, sick pay, holiday entitlement, as well as benefits. Virtual receptionists take all of these factors out of the equation. A virtual receptionist enables you to have these services without using hiring a full time member of staff. You only pay a fixed fee for the services you require, leaving your resources to be used on expanding the business.

I can’t be available 24/7

If your business requires you to travel or work away, you may not always have the ability to check emails or answer calls. Likewise, if your business caters to overseas clients, you need to be available outside of regular office hours. It would be a large investment to hire staff to cover these hours. As virtual receptionists work remotely, they offer twenty four seven services. Virtual receptionists give you the assurance that calls are being answered, and customer’s needs are being met.

I don’t have the time to train new staff

New staff can potentially lead to a waste of time and resources if they leave or do not perform. With a virtual receptionist, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they are fully equipped with the skills you need. Virtual receptionists are fully trained and can be chosen based on the services you require.

I want to improve my customer service

If you don’t have the ability to answer every call, or reply to every email that comes in, you may be missing out of potential sales. If communications go unanswered it could result in complaints and loss of business. Virtual receptionists can ensure that your customers speak to a real person. They act as a net to retrieve incoming correspondence, and sort them so that you get the most important messages and queries first. A professional approach provides a good lasting impression to your clients.

A virtual receptionist can be a resource-effective solution, freeing you to focus on your business.