5 Ways to Reflect Company Culture through Social Media

Social media reigns supreme in everyday life and in business – it’s just the truth. Your organization’s online community is a group of people who carefully watch your every move through social media. They do it because they care (otherwise they wouldn’t follow you), and because many of those followers are potential applicants, it’s up to you to show followers who the company really is with curated content that reflects the company’s culture.

I know what you’re thinking…that sounds like marketing! Well, that’s because it is.

There’s no doubt that recruiting is beginning to share many tactics with traditional marketing. In fact, marketing tools like social media, content creation and more are essential to modern recruiting efforts as job seekers have evolved. So how do you reflect company culture through social media? First, you’ll have to put on your marketing hat. Second, you’ll have to put yourself in the job seekers shoes and consider what they’re looking for in the ideal workplace. Whether your organization has marketing-managed social media accounts or separate talent acquisition-managed accounts, you can utilize these tips to share your company culture with job seekers and demonstrate what it’s like to work for your company.

How to Reflect Company Culture through Social Media

  1. Be Funny (when appropriate) – In marketing, humor wins every time. When it’s appropriate and if it’s appropriate for your brand, find ways to be funny on social media through humorous photos and captions that are relevant to your company’s business. People want to work for companies that interest them, and humor adds personality to your social brand, making it more appealing to job seekers and potential customers. Just remember to keep humor respectful and relevant – you don’t want any complaints on your hands.
  2. Highlight Employees – Showcase your all-star employees on social media for their accomplishments. When you let your followers and customers know you’re proud of your employees, it not only demonstrates that you care but it tells potential applicants that you’re a great company to work for. Create an “employee of the month” program or just highlight any employee when they go above and beyond, and you’ll showcase the appreciative culture of the company. Applicants will love that their potential employer pays attention to the quality of work of its employees!
  3. Show “Behind the Scenes” and Workspaces – Give social media followers a peek behind the scenes of your company with photos of work spaces and employees doing work on an average day. Depending on your industry, the type of work will vary greatly, but it shows your audience what goes on within the company and (hopefully) shows employees doing the work that they enjoy, whether it’s managing spreadsheets, delivering boxes, meeting with clients, etc. These peeks behind the scenes shows job seekers that your employees are happy and the company is enjoyable to work for.
  4. Employee Outings – Many businesses organize employee outings and team building activities, including company parties, outdoor activities, cocktail receptions and more. Not only are these activities excellent for team building and employee engagement but they provide an opportunity to share the event on social media. Take photos and videos of employees engaging in the event, completely unstaged, to reflect the company culture and let job seekers know that you value employee relationships.
  5. Engage & Respond – Social media is meant to be a two-way street! Remember to engage with followers and respond to any messages promptly. Your customers and potential applicants will appreciate a response, and it helps keep your organization’s brand perception positive.

Work with marketing to create social media posts that reflect the company culture, or create talent acquisition focused accounts if needed to share job postings, employee accomplishments, behind the scenes peeks, events and more. Remember that social media is about sharing knowledge and creating community, and you’ll find that followers may engage more and job seekers will apply because they see the value in working for a company with your unique culture.