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The executive job market may be conjuring job opportunities across the world but it has become no less competitive. The better positions see plenty of ambitious applicants trying to further their career. Companies of all sizes can cherry pick the best of the talent or more accurately the talent that can present their skills, achievements, and brand in marketable ways.

If you have ever been in a position where you are applying for several jobs but don’t seem to be getting anywhere, you will relate to this.

So, how can you improve your executive job marketability?

Set a Goal

You may want to take your next steps up the executive ladder or you may have decided to transition to a new career. You may just want a move sideways to fit in better with your life and expectations. Whatever applies, write down your goal and list the steps you need to get to your new position. Do you need a qualification or certification? Do you need to relocate? Setting a goal gives you both direction and the process gives you a plan to work to.

Personal Brand

Like a business, you need a brand for you as an executive. This will help define you and help you create brand values to adhere to. It is a good idea to specialise to achieve a successful personal brand. For example, if you say you are an HR specialist, you can use blogging, social comments, and media to showcase your knowledge. Your aim is that when people think of an HR specialist, they think of you.

Revamping your LinkedIn Profile and CV

The nature of job search is changing and as such the language on your LinkedIn profile and CV should reflect this. Although the older methods of understanding and projecting your value proposition still remain, a new personal brand model has emerged that involves simplified language backed up with blogs that showcase what you can do. After you have determined your brand values, your LinkedIn profile and CV is a good place to demonstrate them in action.


Networking is vital to your career and especially important if you are looking for your next career move. The reality is there is no better place to market yourself than among people who may be future colleagues.

There are several techniques for networking from giving a great elevator pitch to knowing the questions to ask. It is a good idea to practice before attending events if you can.

Social Media

Social media can and should be utilised to make you more marketable. LinkedIn is the most important but Twitter can be used to find positions and to communicate with decisions makers. It can also be used to promote your brand.

When using LinkedIn join relevant groups to your goal and start posting in them. This will help you establish a presence and if you can offer useful, informative posts, then you can start demonstrating your brand making it more marketable in the process.

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